Can’s self -operated sexy underwear retreat?

What is sexy sheet

Sexy underwear refers to some bold and bold women’s underwear.They usually include lace, lace, fish nets, transparent materials, and other elements that look a bit sexy or tease.Sexy underwear can become a kind of dress in intimate occasions, such as birthday, Valentine’s Day or Marriage anniversary, etc. These times can make the relationship between husband and wife or two -sex people closer.

Can ’s self -operated sexy underwear be returned and exchanged

The products sold by’s self -operated sex lingerie are in line with relevant national consumer laws and ’s self -operated sex underwear According to local policies, normal returns need to purchase inspection reports issued by the local pharmaceutical supervision department.If there is a quality problem in sex underwear itself, JD will provide consumers with return and exchange services.

What is the return and exchange process?

If you buy’s self -operated sexy underwear, you can follow the steps below if you have a return and exchange requirements:

1. Log in to Jingdong website and enter my

2. Find the need to return goods on my order page, click the "Apply for Return" button

3. Fill in the reasons for the return and exchange and other necessary information, and submit the application

4. JD Customer Service will confirm with you within 1 to 3 working days

5. After receiving the after -sales confirmation, send the goods back to the JD customer service requirements

6. The product arrives at the Jingdong warehouse and is tested correctly.

Pay attention

Interest underwear is a relatively personal item, so when returning and exchanges, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

1. You need to ensure the original packaging of sexy underwear as much as possible, not damaged or missing

2. The labels, tags, etc. of sex underwear cannot be cut or damaged

3. Wearing traces will affect secondary sales. If the sexy underwear has been worn, please do not return

4. Personal hygiene is very important, please do not use sexy underwear that has been worn obviously

Under what circumstances cannot be returned or refunded

The following situation does not support return or refund:

1. There is no reason to return and exchange time for more than 7 days

2. Cannot provide valid return vouchers or products that are beyond the validity period of return

3. Personal factors lead to damage to the packaging of the product, labeling or damage to the label

4. It indicates that "does not support seven days without reason to exchange goods"

Why does ’s self -operated underwear not support for seven days without reason to return and exchange

As a more personal item, sexy underwear may involve problems such as personal hygiene, so’s self -operated sexy underwear does not support seven days without reason to return goods.At the same time, sexy underwear needs to be strictly disinfected and cleaned. If there is a problem that does not meet the hygiene standards after the return and exchange, it may have an impact on secondary sales.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Selection of sexy underwear must be selected according to your body and personality. Do not blindly pursue the choice of popularity or others. The following are some small suggestions:

1. Emphasize the chest: choose the upper and lower split or the sexy underwear with a grinding cup

2. Emphasize the hip: choose tight low -waist trousers

3. Emphasize legs: choose ultra -short skirts and socks, etc.

4. Emphasize the body ratio: You can choose sexy underwear with mesh -like lines to make the body proportion more beautiful

summary’s self -operated interesting underwear can be returned under normal circumstances, but you need to pay attention to problems such as personal hygiene, packaging and labels.Seven days without reason to return goods refers to the policy stipulated in the Jingdong Mall, which will not be discussed here.Based on the specific needs of the buyer to and the proportion of the body, choosing a sexy underwear that suits them will be the top priority.

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