Drive underwear and urinate H H H

Drive underwear and urinate H H H

Drive underwear and urinate H H H

Interest underwear is a more private clothing, but it has many different types and uses.Among them, the practice of wearing a fun underwear and urine H has been popular for a while, but why does this strange "taste" produce, we need to understand from different perspectives and aspects.

1. The classification of sexy underwear

There are many kinds of erotic lingerie, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult sex lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, and so on.They have different styles. People can choose to apply freely according to other differences between men and women and personal preferences.However, wearing a sexy underwear and urine H requires a specific design, and these designs are not all available in erotic underwear.

2. The practice of wearing sex underwear and urine H H

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Dressed in sexy underwear and urine H, it means that in the process of sex, one or both parties hold the urine, thereby increasing pleasure and excitement.Under normal circumstances, this approach requires selective sexy underwear or adult erotic underwear, such as lace perspective underwear, tight leather pants, etc., to achieve sexy and stimulus.

3. Putting the dangers of pouring and urine h in sex

Although wearing a sexy underwear and urine H may bring pleasure and excitement, this is also an unhealthy behavior.Urine for a long time, the pressure of kidney and bladder will increase, leading to urine retention, which can easily cause urinary tract infection and kidney disease.Therefore, we should treat this kind of behavior cautiously and don’t indulge too much.

4. Psychological characteristics of wearing sexy underwear and urine H H H

It can be said that people wearing sex underwear and urine H often have some special psychological characteristics.They may be the "controlling madness" in sex, and they like to control the situation; or have a certain "masochist tendency" and enjoy the dual stimulus of physical and spiritual.In any case, you need to think carefully when choosing this behavior, rather than acting lightly.

5. Sex underwear and mental health

Interest underwear is not only a physical dress, but also closely related to mental health.It can stimulate people’s sexual desire and self -confidence, making people dare to express their desires and needs.Of course, if people are uncomfortable or discovered in the process of wearing, they must also stop and go to the hospital for examination.

6. Effect on sex attitude

The behavior of wearing a sex underwear and urine H is also a greater impact on sexual attitude.Excessive pursuit of sexual stimulation or emphasizing "sense of control" too much may cause the relationship between the two partners of sex to become uneven, and even disputes.Therefore, when sexual sex, we should respect and understand each other and create a harmonious atmosphere.


7. The timing and occasion of wearing sex underwear and urine H H

It is also important to successfully wear and urinate H urine H, choosing the right time and occasion.For example, at home or private occasions on travel, finding suitable partners and taking good care of physical health need to be considered.Only on the basis of having these conditions can this behavior be truly implemented.

8. How to maintain sexy underwear

Whether it is a beautiful sexy underwear, sexual emotional and sexy underwear, or other types of sexy underwear, they all need to be well maintained.Including proper washing, drying, drying and maintenance are all links that cannot be ignored.Otherwise, the quality and comfort of sexy underwear will be greatly reduced.

9. Good health is important

Driving underwear and urination H is a relatively extreme approach, so we must pay attention to health.Especially female friends, because the reproductive system and urinary tract are different from men, so pay special attention.When we feel unwell or pain, don’t ignore them.

10. Viewpoint

Finally, we can think and understand from different perspectives for the behavior of wearing a fun underwear.But in any case, we should keep a sober thinking and correct method based on a healthy body and normal psychological attitude.Only in this way can we truly enjoy sexy underwear without entering the way.