How much is Japan’s love underwear?

How much is Japan’s love underwear?

1. Understand the Japanese sexy underwear market

Before understanding the price of Japanese sexy underwear, let’s take a look at the local erotic underwear market.According to statistics, Japan is one of the largest countries in the world in the world, accounting for about one -third of the global market.

2. The price range of different types of sexy underwear

The Japanese sex lingerie market contains a variety of different styles and types, and the price is very different.Some common sexy underwear types and price range are as follows:

According to the material: The price of pure cotton products is generally between 1,000 yen and 3,000 yen, while silk, lace and other materials will be more expensive, and the price is generally about 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen.

According to the style: The price of different styles of sexy underwear is also different. Some simpler styles such as bra and underwear combinations are generally around 2,000 yen, while some more complicated styles such as full set of sexy underwear are at 10,000 yenabove.

3. The price of sexy underwear shop

In Japan, there are various sexy underwear shops.The price varies from the store.Some famous sexy underworld brands such as LACUE, Jewelry Black, etc., their products are relatively high, suitable for high -end consumers.

4. The price of sexy underwear online is cheaper than offline

Unlike the Chinese market, in Japan, buying sexy underwear online is usually cheaper than buying offline.Some online stores such as Amazon and Rakuten have many online shops with many sexy underwear products, and their prices are relatively low.

5. Accumulate discount

In Japan, you can also accumulate corresponding discounts when buying sexy underwear.Usually, the more you buy, the more discounts you accumulate.

6. Sale products are relatively cheap

In Japan, due to the fierce competition in the sexy underwear market, some annual sales of product prices will be relatively cheaper.If you have requirements for prices, you can choose to buy these products that are selling all year round.

7. Promotion

In Japan, sexy underwear stores will also carry out various preferential promotions.Some activities such as the end of the year, Valentine’s Day special benefits, and limited time discounts can help you buy your favorite erotic underwear at a lower price.

8. The auction price is more favorable

In Japan, some second -hand erotic underwear auction sites such as Yahoo Auction and Merukari also provide rich selection of sexy underwear products. The price is relatively cheaper.Of course, you need to ensure that the second -hand products you buy have no quality problems.

9. Enjoy local consumption tax discounts

In Japan, if you hold a foreign passport, you can enjoy local consumption tax discounts when buying sexy underwear.Some stores such as Okumaru Department Store and Lacue, a famous sexy underwear shop, etc. all support consumer taxes.

10. End view

Generally speaking, Japan’s local sexy underwear is relatively high, but when purchasing, you can choose to buy from stores, online stores, second -hand auctions, etc. to purchase more reasonable prices and better purchases.Experience.Finally, remind everyone that choosing the right sexy underwear is also important for women’s health. Try to choose breathable and healthy materials and styles.

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