Interesting underwear small chest exposed milk

Interesting underwear small chest exposed milk

As a representative of sexy clothing, in addition to the tight conjoosent and hollow design, it should be the perspective effect that is difficult to resist.However, for small breast girls, how to choose the right perspective sexy underwear is often a challenge.Today we will explore the secrets of sexy underwear small breasts.

1. Choose the right color

When choosing a see -through sex underwear, the first thing is to consider.Light -colored flesh, pink, and sequined hollow silver or gold, will make the chest look fuller.The opposite is dark black or dark gray and other colors, which will make the chest look smaller.

2. Choose the right material

The material of sexy underwear is generally lace, grid or PU leather.For small breasts, the sexy underwear of lace and grid material is more suitable, which can create a sense of light and transparent, and at the same time, the chest will not look too flat.

3. Choose the right style

For small breast girls, the style of seeing sexy underwear is also very important.Pay attention to the choice of underwear with a cup and thick pads, or a tube top style with a collection effect.These styles can help start up the chest and increase the chest holding and curve.

4. Choose the right fabric

The fabric of the perspective of sexy underwear is delicious and soft. Such fabrics can fit the skin more and create a more comfortable dressing experience.At the same time, these fabrics are also more friendly for small breasts, and will not make the chest look flat.

5. Choose the right flower type

The flower design of seeing sexy underwear also has a certain impact on the effect of the chest.For small breasts, it is recommended to choose a more complicated perspective sexy underwear. This flower type can disperse the sight and make the chest not look too thin.

6. Choose the right match

Performing sexy underwear is a sexy, high -profile clothing, so it is also important to match the corresponding accessories.You can choose classic high heels or stockings to match. The overall shape is neither elegant nor sexy.

7. Pay attention to figure proportions

In addition to choosing the right underwear style, it is recommended that the small breast girl should also pay attention to the proportion of the figure.With some short skirts or shorts, you can create a visual effect of the long legs, so that the chest will not look too flat.

8. Pay attention to underwear size

The last and most important point is that you must pay attention to your underwear size when choosing a sexy underwear.Excessive or too large size will cause adverse effects on the breasts, and at the same time, the sexy effects of see -through sexy underwear will not be perfectly presented.

in conclusion:

Performing sexy underwear is both challenging and opportunities for small breasts.Choosing the right color, material, style, fabric, flower type, matching, figure proportion and underwear size will bring a perfect upgrade to the sexy temperament of small breasts.

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