Sex underwear type name graphic graphic

Sex underwear type name graphic graphic

Sex underwear type name graphic graphic

1. Drain

The bras are the most basic type of sexy underwear.According to the different styles, the bras are divided into many types: full cups, two -thirds cups, half cups, no steel rings, steel rings, high type, coasters, and adjustment.

2. Underpants

Underwear is also the basic item of sexy underwear, and there are many types.Common ones are low waist, high waist, briefs, T -shaped pants, etc.You can choose a variety of cotton, silk, lace and other types.

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3. Hanging sticks

Hanging stockings can highlight the beautiful leg curve of women, which is often used for sexy dressing.It is divided into no mouth, mouth, lace and other styles.You need to wear a suspender to put it on the waist, which can play a role in tightness and support.

4. Even body fun underwear

Lian -style underwear is integrated up and down, also known as pantyhose or flesh -colored jackets.Common styles are one form, two types, open crotch and so on.Laces, silk and other materials are generally used, which are excellent curve.

5. Lace erotic underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a representative of women’s sexy underwear. The lace flower type and pattern are very rich, and they have good breathability, softness and elasticity.Common styles include two -thirds cups, half cups, etc.

6. stockings

Stockings are a very important item in sexy underwear. It has the effect of bare legs and becoming smooth, smooth, and aesthetic.Common styles include light legs, net eyes, thin silk, etc.

7. Fun bellyband


Fun bellyband is a common small short skirt or shorts in sexy underwear. Generally, it uses mesh, lace, silk and other materials.Commonly used in various sex games.

8. Interest dress

Interest dressing refers to some nightclub performances, COSPLAY, and fluorescent alignment.In addition to common underwear, underwear, hanging sticks, stockings, etc., it also includes a variety of erotic products such as masks, leather restraints, simulated leather whip.

9. Men’s sexy underwear

In addition to women’s erotic lingerie, there are men’s sexy underwear.Common triangle trousers, flat trousers, suspenders, etc.Materials are commonly used in cotton, silk, and artificial leather.


Body blam is a kind of tight underwear that can close the muscles and highlight the body.Common materials are elastic fabrics, lace, etc.Participating in parties, cosplay, performance and other occasions often use such sex underwear.


There are many types of sexy underwear, and each underwear has its unique design and characteristics.Trying different types of erotic underwear can not only make women more confident, but also bring different sexual experiences to men and women.