Sexual underwear model self -sticker

Sexual underwear model self -sticker

I am a sexy underwear model

I have liked beautiful clothes since I was a child, especially sexy underwear.After I entered college, I started to contact the profession of sexy underwear model and felt very interesting, so I voted a resume.Unexpectedly, I was actually admitted!Suddenly, I had a charming career: sexy underwear model.

Not just dressing

Many people think that sexy underwear models are just dressed.In fact, this is not the case.Interest underwear models need to have certain professional knowledge and skills, such as how to take the most beautiful photos, how to make underwear as much as possible to show the best effect, and so on.Models and photographers need precise cooperation to harmonize shooting work again and again.

Body defects are not ‘fatal injuries’

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I am not the perfect figure, and I have defects on my body.However, sexy underwear model does not require that the body must be perfect.Because different brands of underwear are suitable for different figures.Some underwear is designed to make the chest smaller, and some underwear must make the chest fuller.So you can’t think your figure is ‘fatal injury’, and there are many opportunities for sexy underwear models.

Not everyone can become a model

As a sexy underwear model, you need to have a good face and figure.Of course, the specific requirements of face and body are different from the brand.However, most sexy underwear models are above 168cm and weigh within 50kg. At the same time, the face must be attractive.

Work intensity is greater than ordinary models

The work intensity of sexy underwear models is greater than ordinary models.Because taking sexy underwear photos often require more movements and special positions, and the corresponding shooting time also needs to be longer.Sometimes, in order to get perfect results, models need to shoot in a cold or uncomfortable environment, such as on beaches or on the street.

Makeup is also an art

In order to achieve the best effect, sexy underwear models need to be made up.Some people think that makeup is very simple, just apply some makeup on your face.But in fact, makeup is also an art.Because different brands and styles need different makeup.Models need to try different makeup methods to show perfect effects.

Self -protection awareness is important

As a sexy underwear model, you are often shot and encounter various people.At this time, self -protection awareness becomes particularly important.Models need to keep calm and vigilant at all times, and know how to prevent accidents.This can ensure your safety.

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This job is full of challenges

The work of sexy underwear models is full of challenges, because every shooting needs to achieve perfect results.Models need to keep their professional attitude and beautiful state at all times, otherwise it will affect the results of the shooting.At the same time, when the catwalk, you also need to face the eyes of the audience, which also requires a certain performance ability.

The feeling of wearing a sexy underwear

In order to present a perfect effect, sexy underwear models need to wear underwear.Because the materials of underwear are often thin and transparent, wearing sexy underwear is different from wearing other types of clothes.Sometimes I feel very confident and charming, sometimes I feel shy, and even want to find a corner to hide.

The future of sexy underwear model

As people’s acceptance of sexual culture continues to increase, the demand for sexy underwear models is increasing.In the future, sexy underwear models need to continuously improve their technical and professional knowledge in order to cope with the growing market demand.


As a sexy underwear model, I am very lucky to be able to engage in such a challenging and creative career.In this profession, I have learned a lot of things, met a lot of friends, and kept myself continuously improved.If you are interested in becoming a sexy underwear model, I hope you want to be enthusiastic about this profession, keep learning and progress, and believe that you will succeed.