Sexy lingerie customer service answer Daquan

Sexy lingerie customer service answer Daquan

1. The classification of sexy underwear

Interest underwear refers to sexy, tempting and various special underwear.Depending on the style, sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types.The most common types are open crotch, sexy, lace, transparent, customized and uniforms.

Open crotch sex lingerie is a sexy and specially designed underwear that can meet some needs between couples.Sexual feelings are often used to enhance the sexual life between couples, and the style is diverse, which can make people look new.Lace erotic underwear usually contains ribbon and lace lace. Sexy, romantic, transparent sexy underwear usually uses transparent mesh materials, which looks particularly sexy or explicit.Custom erotic underwear is a sexual underwear that is mainly based on personalized needs that allows customers to customize themselves and special underwear.Uniform erotic underwear is often used for desire control, which is a special sexy underwear.

2. Size of sex underwear

Sex underwear has the same size as other underwear. When buying sexy underwear, you must confirm your size.If it is too small, there will be a sense of congestion. If it is too large, it will appear bloated, destroying the effect of the entire match.

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Under normal circumstances, the size of the sexy underwear is the same as that of ordinary underwear. It is divided into S, M, L, XL, XXL and other sizes. The size is also divided into countries and regions. Thereforesize.

3. How to wear a sexy shirt

Wearing sex underwear is not just wearing underwear, but requires certain skills and skills.Here are some precautions for sexy lingerie:

Be sure to choose the right style and size to ensure comfort and perfect visual effects.

If the erotic underwear is more complicated, it needs assistant to help wear it.

After wearing a sexy underwear, adjust the position and overall effect to ensure that the naked parts are fine -tuned in time.

4. Falling underwear maintenance

In order to keep the sex underwear in a good state and extend the life of the underwear, the correct maintenance is needed.Here are some precautions for the maintenance underwear maintenance:

Wash the sexy underwear separately, do not wash with other clothes to avoid friction and affect the life of the underwear.


Do not use chemical products such as bleaching agents and soft agents to wipe or wash sexy underwear to avoid damaging fabrics.

Dry the air in a dry place. Do not dry it with a dryer, otherwise it will destroy the fiber structure and shape and affect the service life of the underwear.

5. Sex of sex lingerie

Sex underwear is a very personalized shopping option.Before buying, you need to think carefully and consider the personality needs and applicability of the style.

First of all, you must determine the style and use you want, and choose the right style according to yourself.

Learn about the characteristics of sexy underwear and materials of different brands, and compare it.

Select the size according to the body shape and wearing habits to ensure comfort and compatibility.

6. Reasonable matching of sexy underwear

Reasonable matching of sexy underwear is one of the key to achieving visual effects and comfortable experiences.Here are some sexy lingerie matching skills:

The matching occasions should be flexibly arranged according to their own needs and situation, and try to meet the form and atmosphere of the occasion.

It is best to be simple and unified with color to avoid the formation of mixed and strange effects.

Match the details, such as socks, panties, color and length, and so on.

7. Fashionable trend of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is increasingly integrated into fashion matching.Here are some fashionable trends of sexy underwear:

The meticulous and simple design is very popular, and it is a good choice for the color of black, white, and gray.

With the diversification of the body, the elastic design and material have also received widespread attention and love.

Details should be considered very focused, such as the popular lace decoration.

8. Fashion of sexy underwear

As a member of fashion luxury goods, sexy underwear not only meets the requirements of sexy and fashionable, but also represents a fashion proposition and humanistic spirit.

Interest underwear represents a sexy, free, and personalized atmosphere, and does not need to refer to others.

Interesting underwear emphasizes the beauty of the body and the charm of women, but also contains confidence, courage and vitality.

The fashion claim of sexy underwear requires us to be brave in ourselves, and to affirm the value of the choice and respect for the choice of others.

9. The benefits of sex lingerie

Interest underwear is not only a fashion single product, but also a high -end underwear that brings benefits. It has many key benefits and advantages.

Interest underwear can enhance confidence and self -esteem, and allow you to play higher efficiency in life and work.

Interest underwear can enhance the feelings and lust between the two, and a more harmonious living feelings.

Interest underwear can change a person’s image and atmosphere, make people refreshing, and enhance social victory.

10. Enjoy sexy underwear happily

Interest underwear is an important choice to meet the needs of physical, psychological and social needs.However, we also need to fully protect the safety and privacy of ourselves and others when enjoying sexy underwear.

When enjoying sexy underwear, we must abide by the rules of mutual respect, free play, self -protection, and two -way recognition.

When enjoying sexy underwear, pay attention to the occasions, methods and essentials of sexy underwear to prevent excessive and dangerous behavior.

Enjoy the process of sexy underwear quickly.I hope we can understand and use the high -end fashion products of sexy underwear more rationally and freely.

In general, sexy underwear, as a fashion, art and high -end underwear, can meet people’s various needs in terms of vision, sexy, psychological and emotional.In the process of enjoying erotic underwear, we must also give full play to our wisdom and literacy, eliminate the behavior of danger, excessiveness, and disrespect for others, and maintain the good morality and cultural spirit carried by sexy underwear.