Sexy underwear E cover

Sexy underwear E cover

Sexy, sexy, adults, Europe and America and other styles of sexy underwear are favored in the market.Among them, the E -cup is the size that most women dream of.This article will introduce the E cups in sexy underwear, including the definition of E cups, the characteristics of the E cup, the women suitable for the E cup, and how to correctly choose and wearing the E -cup underwear.

1. What is E cover

E cup refers to the size of the underwear cup.It means that the difference between the cup and the lower bust is about 16-17 cm.The E cup is a relatively large type of underwear, but it is not the biggest.

2. Features

Compared with other cups of underwear, the E -cup has a wide front chest covered area, which can hold the chest well to achieve better fixing and support effects.The general characteristics of the E -cup underwear are high comfort, good elasticity, and not tight when wearing.

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3. Suitable for women who wear E -cover cups

Underwear wearing E -cups is mainly women who have large busts and require good support.If the chest is "floating" or sagging on the chest, choosing a suitable E cup underwear can make the two chest meatballs full of sexy effects.Of course, underwear wearing an E -cup size must consider factors such as height and weight and personal chest shape with yourself.

4. Female health

Even if the bust is large, wearing underwear that is suitable for you is still very important.A good underwear is not only beautiful, but also comfortable and can protect women’s health.Choosing a suitable underwear can prevent deformation or discomfort caused by chest bouncing, and at the same time, it can also improve the burden on the back and shoulders.

5. Choose the E underwear of the E -Cup

Pay attention to the following points to buy E -cup underwear:

(1) Whether it is tight, tingling or breathing after being put on.

(2) Whether the back and strap of the underwear are loose or too tight.

(3) Whether it is suitable, comfortable, beautiful and suitable for you.


6. Style

The Eyewear style of the E -cover is very rich.The style of the shoulder -free strap can avoid the embarrassment and burden of the shoulder straps; the lace style can better reflect sexy and female charm; thickened cup underwear can achieve better support effects.You can choose according to your needs when buying.

7. Material

The purchase of E -cup underwear also needs to pay attention to material issues.Generally, the fabric should choose the types of comfortable, breathable, soft texture, no fluff, and not easy to get rid of hair.If you need a good friction effect, you can choose cotton sticky underwear. Cotton underwear will give the skin a sufficient comfort.

8. Color selection

Color is also one of the important factors in the choice of underwear.The colorful pink or white style is suitable for wearing all occasions, while the dark red or black underwear can better show the sexy and charming of women.

9. Wearing skills

E -cup underwear is also very important to pay attention to.First, pay attention to comfort and keep breathing smooth when trying on.Secondly, when the shoulder straps are not too tight, try to exchange underwear and shoulder straps to allow the shoulder straps to exchange positions, check the stickiness of the mouth sticky to the skin, and pay attention to whether the front of the underwear is in the correct position.

10. Summary

As a woman, wearing underwear that is suitable for you seems to be an eternal topic.The e -cup underwear is a relatively large type, but not all women are suitable for wearing.Therefore, when choosing an E underwear with the E -cover, you need to combine your own actual situation to find the size, style and materials that are suitable for you.Only in this way can it truly achieve the sexy and comfortable effect.