Sexy underwear knot

Sexy underwear knot

Interesting underwear knot -how to solve this problem

Sex underwear has become an indispensable fashion element for modern women, and when they knotted, this may cause some confusion and inconvenience.However, this problem is not solved.In this article, we will introduce how to effectively solve the problem of sexy underwear.

1. Be careful to take off the sexy jacket

Before you wear sexy underwear, it is best to ensure that your nails have no sharp edges, which helps reduce the incidence of sexy underwear.Another thing to note is that when you remove the sexy lingerie, you should be careful and gentle to avoid dragging, so as not to cause knots.

2. Pay attention to the posture when wearing

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When wearing sexy underwear, you need to maintain the correct attitude.If you bend your body or stand when you wear a sexy underwear, it is prone to distorted or deformed, thereby forming knots.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, you should keep your body straight and avoid excessive bending.

3. Be careful when storing sexy underwear

It is easy to deform and form a knot in a compact space or forced to shrink into a ball.Therefore, when you store erotic underwear, it is best to use a hook or hang out of the hanger independently, or fold them into the original form.This can avoid forming knots.

4. Save and Safe Suggestion: Tie it up with a rope

If you are going to wash the sexy underwear and tighten the sexy underwear together, you can choose to tie them up with a rope.This prevents sexual underwear from entangling or colliding with each other to avoid knotting.

5. Be careful when cleaning sexy underwear

In the cleaning instructions of some sexy underwear, they should not use washing machines or dryers, but should choose hand washing.If you use a washing machine to clean the sexy underwear, it is easy to knot, so do not clean the sexy underwear at the same time to prevent them from being entangled and forming a knot.

6. Pay attention to selecting sexy underwear materials

When choosing sexy underwear, materials are also a key factor.The fabrics of some sexy underwear are soft, elastic, and are not easy to knot.More importantly, they also have the advantages of anti -wrinkle.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, keep in mind the importance of selecting materials.


7. Use an iron to eliminate knots

You can use the low -temperature setting of the iron to lightly iron the knot.This operation should be very careful, keeping the iron from a certain distance from the sexy underwear to avoid burns and burnt.Use a special ironing board or towel to avoid direct contact.

8. Don’t forget to disassemble knots

When sexy underwear knots, don’t panic, you should calm down and try to separate the knot.If the knot part is too complicated, you can try to use scissors and carefully cut off the knot on the sexy underwear.

9. For the case that is difficult to solve, find a professional cleaning service

Sometimes sexy underwear is very complicated, and it may need more professional treatment methods. At this time, you can choose to clean the barber shops, laundry or professional clothing stores.

10. When you are in trouble, try more different methods

Every woman may encounter in sex underwear.When you face this problem, don’t be discouraged, try more different methods, and in the end you will find the solution that suits you best.

Viewpoint: The problem of sexy underwear knot is not difficult to solve. The key is to pay attention to protecting sexy underwear, make good use of details, and follow the correct cleaning method.