Sexy underwear liquid

Sexy underwear liquid

Sexy underwear liquid

In the market, we can often see that some liquid products exist for sexy underwear. Their role can be to better protect sexy underwear, and some are to enhance the sexy degree of sexy underwear.This article will explain sexy underwear liquid, including their types, use effects, methods, and precautions, etc., to help everyone better understand and use sexy underwear.


There are many types of sexy liquid liquids. Among them, the more common ones are fairy water, lubricating liquid, disinfectant, laundry solution, etc.These liquids can also be divided into maintenance liquid and auxiliary liquid according to their uses.For example, the fairy water is to better protect and increase the personal nature of sexy underwear. The lubricating liquid is to increase the friction of sexy underwear and skin. The disinfectant is to sterilize and disinfection.Interest underwear.

Use effect

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Different types of sexy liquid liquids also have different use effects.The fairy water can increase the personal nature of sexy underwear, more tight and more comfortable after putting on; lubricating lubricating liquid can increase the friction of sexy underwear and skin, so that the disinfectant can play a role in sterilizing and disinfection, ensuring that sexy underwearHygiene and safety; laundry liquid is to better clean and protect sexy underwear, so that sexy underwear can be more durable.


Different types of erotic liquid liquid use is also different. The following are several common sexy liquid liquid use methods:

Fairy Water: Before wearing a sexy underwear, spray the fairy water on the sexy underwear, wait for drying before wearing it.

Lubricating liquid: Apply the lubricating fluid on a sexy underwear, or apply it to the skin and then wear sexy underwear.

Disinfection: After cleaning the erotic underwear, spray the disinfection liquid on the sexy underwear, and wait for a certain period of time to clean it.

Laundry liquid: Put the sexy underwear in water, add a certain amount of laundry solution, rub it gently and then clean it.


Pay attention to the following points when using sex liquid liquid:

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1. Different types of liquid cannot be mixed.

2. The liquid should be placed in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

3. Delivery or changes in the liquid should be stopped.

4. It is best to perform skin sensitive tests before use, so as not to cause unnecessary discomfort.

5. For sexy underwear with special materials such as plush, it cannot be cleaned with disinfectant.

6. After using the sex liquid liquid, thorough cleaning and drying are needed to avoid adverse effects on the skin.

7. To prevent sex liquid liquid from entering the mouth, eyes and other parts.

8. Before using the sex liquid liquid, it is best to read the product manual carefully and understand how to use it.


When using sex liquid liquid, we should choose liquid applicable to the type of sexy underwear and use it correctly according to the instructions.At the same time, for people with allergies, skin sensitive testing is required before use to avoid unnecessary allergic reactions.Use sexy liquid liquid carefully to better protect sex underwear, increase its service life, and also increase the sexy of sex underwear and improve our dressing experience.