Stewardess to open the file sexy underwear

Stewardess to open the file sexy underwear

Stewardess’s style

The stewardess is the dream of men all over the world. They are dressed in uniforms, slender thighs, and dignified and elegant temperament, which makes men think about it.For men who love and love underwear, if they see stewardess and they are wearing sexy and sexy lingerie, inexplicable feelings will feel that the heartbeat is accelerated and the eyes are bright.

Choose’s choice

When selecting sexy underwear, the stewardess needs to consider comfort and professional characteristics.Under normal circumstances, the stewardess chose sexy underwear that is close, breathable, not transparent, and not picking color.Among them, the bras of the three -point C, the open crotch jumpsuit, and the transparent lace stockings are one of the first choice for the stewardess.

Details decide everything

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The stewardess takes a long time and the environment is complicated. You should pay special attention to the details of the sexy underwear.For example, you must ensure that underwear, bras, and stockings are hygienic; the colors choose dark colors or skin color systems to avoid being too public. If you need to be sexy underwear, you must avoid sexual sex, let alone choose exposed belly underwear.

Open underwear artifact

Opening underwear is the absolute love of the stewardess. It not only does not affect the occupation, but also has a flirting effect.The opening underwear is not only easy to go to the toilet, but also makes it easier for men to "see" the woman’s body and make the sexual interests of the two people go to the next level.

Black style

Black is the representative color of the stewardess and is a symbol of sexy.Therefore, black sexy underwear has become another big hobby of the stewardess.Black T -shaped underwear, black stockings, and black bras can emit unparalleled sexy atmosphere, making men unable to help.

The charm of lace

As a member of the sexy underwear, lace underwear has an irreplaceable position.Of course, the chosen lace underwear chosen by the stewardess will not be simple. A variety of styles such as lace embroidery, breathable lace, and V -line lace are the choice that the stewardess likes.


The sexy underwear of exotic style allows the stewardess to reflect another style in wearing, such as Japanese Wagyu underwear, Indian Bornemen underwear, and so on.These styles of sexy underwear can fully show the petty sisters’ petty trend.

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Red stretch

In love, the women’s costumes are convinced by countless men.In terms of color, red represents sexual passion, so that men can’t help but want to escape.Therefore, red sexy underwear has become one of the most attractive combinations of stewardess.

Casual and hidden choice

Although men love to see the stewardess wearing sexy underwear, the stewardess is a public profession and must restrain herself.Some stewardess will choose to wear casually to relax themselves; while some stewardess will choose hidden and difficult to find sexy underwear to hide their "little secrets".


Although the stewardess’s sexy underwear is a very sensitive topic, it is a common phenomenon.For us, we can appreciate the sexy beauty of the stewardess from the perspective of sexy underwear, but also respect their work, occupation and professionalism.