Stores that collect sexy underwear

Stores that collect sexy underwear

Stores that collect sexy underwear

When people talk about erotic underwear, many people think of some pornographic shops or sexual products stores, but in fact, many shops that operate sexy underwear are very formal and legal merchants.If you want to start collecting sexy underwear, the following are some shops and suggestions for consideration.

1. Online professional store

In the Internet era, more and more people choose to shop through the Internet.It is no exception for people who like sexy underwear.There are many professional sexy underwear shops on the Internet. You can buy some underwear you like in these shops and collect them.For example, brands such as Adam & EVE, LOVEHONEY all have their own online stores.

2. Customized underwear

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You can get some unique erotic underwear by customized underwear.Some merchants provide customized underwear services so that you can tailor the size and style for yourself.This way to ensure that you have a sexy underwear that others cannot copy, which also increases the value of your underwear collection.

3. Second -hand market

In the second -hand market, you can find some very valuable sexy underwear.These underwear may be no longer needed, or some ancient collectibles.This is a good opportunity to get some rare sexy underwear.EBAY and Amazon Marketplace are good second -hand market platforms.

4. Independent designer

It is also a choice to find the sexual underwear brand of independent designers.The independent designer group is rising rapidly, and the sexy underwear they designed is often very unique, and they are mainly small -batch production, which is very suitable for collection.You can find these designers through social media or specific network platforms.

5. Observe the fashion show

Fashion show not only shows mainstream fashion, but also provides new inspiration for your collection of sexy underwear.Sometimes the fashion show shows some sexy and stylish underwear.You can start to learn about some of the latest design trends and turn them into your tastes and collections.

6. Sex underwear exhibition

The sex underwear show is an excellent opportunity for you to understand new trends, new styles and new brands.It happens that Longcheng Square, South China, will host a "Sexy Lingerie Championship" in June, providing enthusiasts with a good opportunity to show and collect erotic underwear.

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7. Study history

Understanding the history of love underwear is very helpful to your collection.You can find some historical books or websites about sexy underwear to learn about some underwear brands and styles that are suitable for your collection.This helps you better understand the value and historical background of the collection.

8. Investment

The collection of sexy underwear, like any other collection, needs to invest rationally.It is necessary to ensure that the collectibles you invest are valuable and can maintain or increase its value in the future.To understand the history of various types of sexy underwear and the history of collectibles and the current market value is necessary.

In short, choose a trusted sexy underwear shop and start building your collection.Whether on the Internet or physical stores, you can find many suitable choices.When you are looking for collectibles, remember to keep a sober mind, invest rationally, and pay attention to health and safety issues.