Sun Qian Trip Fun Dress

Sun Qian Trip Fun Dress

Sun Qian Trip Fun Dress

Sun Qian is a fashion girl. She always pursues freshness and stimulation.Recently, she heard about sexy underwear and was full of curiosity, so she decided to try it.This article will introduce some basic knowledge of her story and sexy underwear.

Sexy vs. Adult sex lingerie

When buying sexy underwear, Sun Qian found that there are two types of sexy underwear: sexy lingerie and adult sexy underwear.Sexual feelings are usually designed to increase the charm or attractiveness of women, while adult sexy underwear is mostly used for sexual pleasure and interaction.Sun Qian considers his needs and finally chose a sexy lingerie.

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Basic style: bra, underwear and suspender

Like conventional underwear, sexy underwear usually includes bras, underwear, etc.The suspender body skirt is a common erotic underwear. The style of the bra can be PUSH-UP or Padding. The design of the underwear can make your hips more charming. The style and length of the suspender can be selected according to your needs.

Material composition: comfort and touch

Sun Qian found that the materials of sexy underwear are different from conventional underwear.Interest underwear is usually made of polyester fiber, which is soft, breathable and easy to clean.Moreover, the material of polyester fibers is usually not easy to static electricity, which is important for maintaining the health of private areas.

Color match: new meaning and fashion

Sun Qian chose a pink sexy lingerie suit. At the same time, there are many other different colors and fancy to choose from, such as red, white, black, stripes, patterns, etc. At the same time, there are small decorations in some sexy underwear.For example, lace and bow, etc., have a lot of tricks.

Size and appropriate size

The size of sexy underwear is usually similar to conventional underwear, but be sure to choose the right size.Too small or too large size will affect wearing comfort and aesthetics.Especially for underwear, you must choose the right size to look more beautiful.

Bustiers & Corsets

Try to wear and match

When trying to penetrate sexy underwear, Sun Qian found that in addition to the brand and design, it is also very important to match.The correct underwear can make the figure more visually effective. For example, the bra can be paired with a short skirt or knee skirt. The figure can be more slender and upright. The underwear can be paired with a strap or a nightdress to increase the taste and charming.Ordinary wearing shirts, etc., increase the small sexy.

Maintenance method

Like other underwear, sexy underwear also needs to be well maintained.If it is incorrectly cleaned and kept, it will cause premature aging materials and affect the comfort and aesthetics of the underwear.The fiber of sexy underwear is usually softer. It is recommended to use professional underwear washing agents to wash. Do not use ordinary washing machines to avoid damage to shape and patterns.

in conclusion

Although the purchase of sexy underwear takes some time and accumulate professional knowledge, the ultimate quality and use effect will be worth it. For women who want to increase self -confidence and charm, sexy underwear is also a good choice.