Victoria’s Secrets Fun Underwear Show


Victoria’s Secret is a multi -brand company in the United States, which sells women’s underwear and beauty products as its main products.The brand was founded in 1977 and quickly became popular all over the world. It is known for its "Victoria’s Secret Angels" and the famous underwear show.Among them, the most noticeable is probably the sexy underwear show of Victoria’s Secret.

The history of Victoria’s Secrets Inspection Underwear Show

Victoria’s Lingerie Show began in 1995 and aims to show the brand’s underwear series.The show combines fashion and underwear, allowing the models to display Victoria’s dense shawl, suspender, dovetail and other sexy lingerie styles on the runway.The models in the show are usually tall and exquisite in appearance. The wings and sagita are also one of the symbols of the Victoria’s Secrets.

The theme of Victoria’s Secret Inscoad Show

The themes of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show are different every year, in order to meet the aesthetic needs of different themes and the times.For example, the theme of 2012 is "Angel’s Paradise", the theme of 2018 is "World Cup" and so on.In addition, the brand will invite top performance guests, such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, etc., bringing more visual and auditory enjoyment to the audience.

Victoria’s Lingerie Dowe

Underwear styles of Victoria’s Lover Show have always been diverse. The most representative of which is its "Fantasy Bra". It is made of more than 1,000 valuable gems and 18K gold, and it is worth millions of yuanEssenceIn addition, Wei Mi also has a wealth of bras, such as Push-UP bra, shoulder strap bra, triangular cup bra, etc., as well as various styles of underwear, robes, pajamas, etc.

Models of Victoria’s Secret Love Lingerie Show

Models of the Victoria’s Secret Loves Show are usually the top models of the industry, and their figure and appearance are absolute elites.For example, supermodels and other supermodels such as Adriana Lima, Miranda KERR have all played Victoria’s Model.Before the show, they will receive professional training and food control to maintain hot figure.

The innovation of Victoria’s Secrets Inspection Underwear Show

Victoria’s Lingerie Show will try to innovate every year, and the new idea brought by the Weimi Info Underwear Show in 2019 is based on the theme of skateboarding culture.And the stage of creative elements.

The social influence of Victoria’s Secrets Instead Show

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show is not only a feast of visual and auditory, but also brings huge commercial benefits to the brand.The brand’s underwear, perfumes and cosmetics products are all sold globally, and they are sold on major e -commerce platforms.In addition, the Victoria’s Secrets Intellectual Underwear Show has also become an important social and cultural event, attracting audiences and media from all over the world, and has made great contributions to the global promotion of underwear culture.

The gender dispute of Victoria’s Secret Love Underwear Show

Although Victoria’s Secrets and Interests of Underwear Show are popular, there are also controversy caused by gender.Some audiences and media believe that the show is overwhelming the sexy and visual attractiveness of women’s bodies, and the conflict of equal gender awareness of modern women.After the 2019 Victoria’s Secret Inspection Underwear Show, Victoria’s secret has announced that the brand will no longer conduct annual underwear shows, which also reflects to a certain extent the attention and change of gender consciousness.

The future of Victoria’s Secret Love Loves Show

Although the Victoria’s Secret Intellectual Underwear Show has ended, the brand will not end its underwear culture and brand influence.It is believed that in the future, Wei Mi will still launch more other forms of shows and innovations, provide better products and experiences to continue to meet the changing needs of consumers, and also contribute to the development of global underwear culture.


Although there is controversy in the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show, it has no doubt the leadership of the show and promoting the development and popularization of global underwear culture.In addition, the show also brings more choices, self -confidence and self -aesthetic ways for women around the world, which is also the important value of the Victoria’s Secrets and Instead.

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