What are the conditions for sex underwear?

What are the conditions for sex underwear?

1. Good fabric

First of all, sexy underwear needs to choose good fabrics.Good fabrics can make underwear more comfortable, durable, and no irritation to the skin.Common sexy lingerie fabrics include cotton, lace, silk, polyester and nylon.

2. Appropriate size

Sex underwear requires the appropriate size.Inappropriate sizes can cause uncomfortable wear and even cause damage to the body.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must carefully measure your size and choose accurately in the size table.

3. Exquisite design

The design of sexy underwear is also crucial.The exquisite design can show the beautiful curve of women and enhance the sexy and attractiveness of sexy underwear.At the same time, the design must also consider the comfort of wearing, not too complicated.

4. High -quality process

High -quality craftsmanship determines the quality of sexy underwear.Film and quality, quality stitching, and breathability all need to be guaranteed in process.Only by ensuring the high quality of the craftsmanship can the sexy lingerie be more durable.

5. Adjustable details

Sex underwear also needs to pay attention to regulatoryness in details, especially shoulder straps and bust.You can adjust the looseness of sexy underwear according to different body needs and make your body more comfortable.

6. Appropriate style

The right style can better highlight the female body.Different figures need different styles to match to highlight their own advantages.In addition, consider your personal preferences and personality.

7. Sanitary condition

Hygiene is a necessary condition for the choice of sexy underwear.When buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to whether it is disinfected.In addition, sexy underwear also needs daily cleaning and disinfection to keep clean and hygiene.

8. Price factor

The price of sex underwear is also an important factor in choice.Price does not mean quality. When choosing, choose an appropriate amount and price according to your own financial ability.However, the low price of sexy underwear is generally poor and requires cautious choices.

9. Matching accessories

Sex underwear needs appropriate accessories to match to enhance the overall visual effect of underwear.For example, fun socks, high heels, handcuffs and other accessories can make underwear more interesting and attractive.

10. Confidence and attitude

Finally, sexy underwear needs self -confidence and attitude.Only self -confidence can make sexy underwear more sexy and attractive.When wearing a sexy underwear, you must also have a correct attitude and psychological preparation to truly be beautiful and confident.


Choosing sexy underwear is a way for women to show self -style and charm.Choosing good erotic underwear can not only improve women’s confidence and sexy degree, but also make life more colorful.The conditions mentioned above need to consider it carefully when choosing so that we can buy sexy underwear that suits them.

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