What are the websites of sexy underwear?


Interest underwear is not just traditional functional underwear. In addition to providing support and comfort, they must also provide wider choices in terms of beauty.With the widespread use of the Internet, people find that it is more convenient to buy underwear on e -commerce websites, and buying on some commercial websites can get more discounts and discounts.

Foreign website

Foreign sex lingerie markets are very large in developed countries in Europe and the United States. People choose to find the products they need on the website below:

yandy.com -In extensive erotic underwear selection and some sexy clothing and accessories, you can also find various sizes and styles of underwear here.

adoreme.com -The high -quality erotic underwear, but also provides accessories that match underwear to make it easier to buy.

victoriassecret.com -The is famous in Europe and the United States, providing a variety of sexy underwear, pajamas and swimwear.

Domestic website

In China, the development of the sex underwear industry is also developing very quickly. The following are some popular sexy underwear e -commerce websites:

aquh.cn -This is a mall that specializes in adult sex products and underwear. You can choose various styles of underwear.

hc007.com -The high -quality sexy underwear and adult products, the product style is extremely rich.

okkxy.com -Suk basic style to high -level sexy underwear comprehensive options.

How to buy underwear online

If you are buying sexy underwear online, the following are some matters that you should pay attention to before buying:

Know your own size so that you can ensure that you can buy the most suitable underwear.

Look at customer reviews and rating, which will help you understand the real quality of the sexy underwear you buy.

If you are not sure if you like a brand or style of sexy underwear, don’t buy too much at once, you can buy one or two to try it first.

How to wash and maintain

Interest underwear requires special washing and maintenance to ensure their aesthetic, comfortable, and long -term service life.

Follow the washing instructions on the product label, and the bleach cannot be used.

Try to wash as much as possible, do not use a dryer or squeeze.

Special materials, such as silk or lace, need to pay more attention to washing and maintenance.

Sex underwear style

The style of sex lingerie is rich and diverse. The following are some popular styles:

Drain and Underpants Set -Basic Style

Lace breasts -soft and comfortable, suitable for special occasions.

Police officer and nurse clothing -sexy lingerie style with role -playing.

Falling underwear material

The material of sexy underwear is also one of the topics that are often concerned and discussed.Here are some common materials for underwear:

Cotton -light and soft.

Silk -smooth and comfortable, but needs to be carefully maintained.

Artificial fiber -easy to maintain dryness, breathability and ductility.

Suggestion of sexy underwear wearing

For the way and suggestions of sexy underwear, some of the useful tips:

Make sure that your underwear is suitable, and too tight or loose underwear will affect comfort and beauty.

Learn different materials and accessories and choose the one that suits you.

Consider clothing and shoe accessories that match underwear.


In summary, it is not difficult to find a suitable sexy underwear.It is the first step to choose a suitable e -commerce website. At the same time, it is also very important to pay attention to some matters before purchasing and washing and maintenance after use.The most important thing is to choose the style and material that suits you best, and enjoy the beauty and comfort brought by sexy underwear.

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