What do boys buy sexy underwear for girlfriends?

What do boys buy sexy underwear for girlfriends?

With the popularity of sexy underwear, more and more men choose to buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends or wives to increase the fun of sex life, and then promote the warming of the relationship between the two.However, for many boys, buying sexy underwear is usually not easy.Facing a variety of styles and styles, they often feel unable to start.The following will introduce a few issues that boys need to pay attention to when buying sexy underwear for girlfriends.

1. Understand your girlfriend’s body

Women have different figures, and different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different figures. Therefore, before buying sexy underwear, boys need to understand their girlfriend’s figure information, such as busts, hips, waist circumferences, etc., so that they can buy the mostAppropriate style and size.

2. Choose the style according to the girlfriend’s personality

Different women have different personalities and aesthetics. Therefore, boys should choose a girlfriend’s personality when choosing sexy underwear.If your girlfriend is domineering, you can choose black or red sexy underwear; if your girlfriend is gentle, you can choose light -colored sexy underwear; if your girlfriend is sweet, you can choose pink or purple sexy underwear.

3. Pay attention to the fabrics and quality of sexy underwear

Quality and fabrics are key factor of sexy underwear. Choosing the soft and good quality erotic underwear is not only comfortable, but also more resistant to wear and safer.

4. Choose suitable size

It is important to choose a sexy underwear with correct size.Excessive or small sexy underwear can affect women’s wear effect and comfort.If you are not sure of your girlfriend’s size, you can refer to the size of the clothes worn by the usual girlfriend, or secretly understand the specific body data of his girlfriend to choose.

5. Fresh and natural sexy underwear

Fresh and natural erotic underwear design makes girlfriends look younger and more confident.Whether it is a simple bra and shorts set, or a lace shirt and T 无 full of female characteristics, it is a good choice.

6. Choose sexy underwear suitable for the occasion

When choosing sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to the appropriate occasions.If you are at home, you can choose a more sexy style, such as low -cut, back, lace, etc.; And on the outside, it is also recommended to choose more low -key and not go too much, such as conventional, thin, daily daily modelsWait.

7. Learn more about your girlfriend’s psychological needs

Many women pay attention to whether they can meet their psychological needs when wearing fun underwear.Therefore, understanding the psychological needs of girlfriends, choosing sexy underwear that can meet these needs naturally can further sublimate the emotions between each other.

8. Pay attention to the matching of sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, don’t forget to have underwear, stockings and other clothes, because they are also key elements with sexy underwear.Especially for boys who buy sexy underwear for the first time, the problem of matching is even more important.

In summary, when boys buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends, they need to understand the figure, personality and psychological needs of their girlfriends, choose the styles suitable for the occasion and the quality of the underwear.Taste and fun.

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