What is the sexy underwear leg strap?

Understand the love lingerie leg strap

Interesting underwear legs is a typical sexy dress sketch, which is becoming more and more widely used in sexy underwear.The leg belt aims to increase the sexy feeling and provide sufficient support for the body.There are a variety of types and styles of leg straps. From simple silk to the decorative chain or ribbon, it can meet the needs of various figures, sizes and styles.

Choose suitable leg size

First, determine your waistline and the distance between the waist to the inside of the thigh.Pay attention to different brands and style waist circumference standards that may be inconsistent, so you must pay attention to the size table when choosing.The leg straps should be comfortable and close, but don’t be too tight and not to fall off.You can choose broadband or thin band, depending on personal preferences.

Steps to wear legs

First, put on the belt and place it on the right position, and then pull the two legs through the inside of the thigh and pull it to the belt.Make sure that the leg belt will not tighten the skin, and the length of each position will be equal.Finally, adjust the position of the belt and leg belt as needed.

Matching method of leg strap

Leg bands can be combined with other sexy underwear, such as lace corset, stockings and high heels.Hybrid use can increase the degree of sexy of the entire assembly.At the same time, the leg belt can also be worn alone. In the eyes of the partner, this is full of sexy and tempting, and is an indescribable beautiful scenery.

How to clean your leg band

The method of cleaning the leg strap is similar to his fun underwear.Hand washing is the best choice to avoid using bleach and dryer.Gently rub your legs and rinse with warm water.For chain or ribbon -type legs, they should be placed when they are drying to avoid distorting or overlap.

The style of sexy underwear leg belt

Different legs are equipped with different styles, such as classic black silk hand -woven style, and shiny metal chain style.The size and width change will also change the style of the leg band.According to needs, you can choose a fixed belt or one -time belt.

How to incorporate sexy underwear legs into daily costumes

Leg bands can be used not only as part of sexy underwear, but also into daily costumes.By selecting classic black or white, or different lines and decorations, add some different elements to the traditional dress to obtain more fashion and personality.

About the price of sexy underwear legs

The price of the leg belt varies from brand and quality.Some simple design, fabrics and workmanship are more economical and affordable.The high -level custom style, the legs with high -quality fabrics and fine work will be more expensive.However, in general, the price of the leg belt is far lower than other sexy lingerie.

in conclusion

Interest underwear legs are a variety of sex accessories that can meet various needs and styles.Choosing a leg belt suitable for your body and size, and wearing the correct method and mentality, will definitely bring a pleasant sexy moment.

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