What should I do if my boyfriend wears a female sexy underwear?

Boyfriend wears female love underwear?

My boyfriend wears a female affectionate underwear. This situation may seem a bit ridiculous, but in fact this phenomenon does exist.For many women, seeing her boyfriend’s feminine clothing may be surprised, or they may be confused or uncomfortable.Next, we will explore some ways to solve this situation.

Understand the reason why her boyfriend wears a female love underwear

There may be many reasons for my boyfriend’s love underwear.He may be interested in this kind of clothing directly, or it may be affected or seduced.No matter what the reason is, we need to actively understand and respond.


Communication is the most important step to solve this problem.Like any problem, understanding difficulties and attempts are the most important.Ask your boyfriend why you wear such underwear to understand his feelings and needs is an important step in solving problems.

Respect individual differences

Everyone is unique.Boyfriend’s sexy underwear may be just his specific sexual preference, or a novel experience.It does not mean that he is homosexual or have any problems.Our responsibility is to respect his decision and solve the problem with him.

Ensure each other

Despite many different reasons, my boyfriend’s love underwear can cause many misunderstandings.Make sure your boyfriend knows how to understand your thoughts, and at the same time he needs to let him know how you understand his thoughts.

Understand his support and your support

If you think your boyfriend is not good to wear a female affectionate underwear, you need to understand his support and your support to him before showing your opinions.Do not criticize or attack directly, but repeatedly emphasize your relationship.

Find the right solution

For the specific situation of your boyfriend wearing a female love underwear, you need to find the proper solution, such as buying a men’s sexy underwear suitable for him to participate in related gatherings or activities.

Handle the relationship with outsiders

They may be friends, family members, or netizens on social media, whether my boyfriend wearing a female love underwear has a good impact on you, and we need to handle this when they are in contact with outsiders.Conflict or attack will only make it worse.Avoid rashing and seek professional support, such as relevant doctors or consultants, can better solve this problem.

Reaching an agreement

It is important to introduce the appropriate solution, but reaching a consensus is an important step to solve the problem.It is most important to establish a solution that both parties can accept.

Understand and support

Finally, understanding and support are the key to the problem solving.Understanding the reason why his boyfriend wears a female love underwear, respects his personal decisions and feelings, and helps him find a solution is an important step in dealing with the problem together.


Boyfriend’s love underwear may surprise, confuse and discomfort.However, communication, respect for individual differences, and reaching consensus are the key to solving problems.Whatever reason, understanding and support are essential.

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