Where is the sexy underwear drying?

Sexy underwear is a must -have for modern women, but many women have encountered some problems when they are drying sexy underwear.Today, I will introduce how to dry the sexy underwear correctly to ensure its beauty and life.The following is a specific method:

Choose the appropriate place of drying

Sex underwear is a sensitive clothing, so you need to pay attention to the choice of drying location.It is recommended to choose a dry, ventilated, and cool place to dry the sexy underwear.This can avoid damage to clothing with direct sunlight or humid environment.

Avoid direct sunlight

Sunshine will affect the color of sexy underwear, especially dark sexy underwear is more likely to fade.Therefore, when drying sexy underwear, avoid exposed it in direct sunlight, especially at noon or afternoon.If you need to let the sexy underwear dry quickly, you can choose to dry at night or morning.

Avoid high temperature drying

It is not recommended to use a high -temperature dryer for sex underwear, which will cause sexy underwear to shrink, deform or rupture.Therefore, do not put it directly in high temperature places when drying sexy underwear, such as electric iron or heating.It is best to choose a natural drying method.

Choose the appropriate drying method

Sexy underwear can be hung on the drying rack, or it can be placed in a ventilated place.For some sexy underwear made of special materials, such as silk products, they should use a hanger and place a pillow of about 10 mm under the hanger to keep their shape.

Squeeze water

Before drying sexy underwear, you can squeeze excess water gently.This can reduce the drying time and quickly restore the interesting underwear.But please note that don’t over -squeeze, which will damage the shape of the sexy underwear.


For some sexy underwear, such as bras or underwear, it may be deformed or squeezed after drying.At this time, you need to reshape their curves to maintain its appearance and shape.In this process, they can keep them in a natural and flat state.


In the process of drying sexy underwear, in order to make it dry more uniform, you can flip the underwear regularly. There is no obvious shrinkage of drying, and it can also improve the drying efficiency of drying.

Keep clean and hygiene

Before drying erotic underwear, be sure to make sure that they are clean and dry.If underwear is not cleaned and dry in time, they may breed bacteria and odors, and will affect your health.Therefore, it is important to do cleaning and drying before using sex underwear.

Pay attention to storage

After drying the sexy underwear, we cannot ignore the normal storage method.The location of the underwear can avoid the squeezing and deformation of the underwear.When storing sexy underwear, we can apply a small amount of brown sugar or glycerin to prevent the sexy underwear from getting yellow and increased its life.


Interest underwear is an indispensable clothing for every woman, but the way to dry sex underwear is equally important.In order to enable a better life while protecting our sexy underwear, we can choose the appropriate drying method and excellent drying work.

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