Why do the beads on sexy underwear be used?

What is the beads on the sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear. The little beads are a type of jumping egg. Generally, sexy underwear will use this kind of beads for inlaid or sewing in key parts, so that the wearer can experience a more exciting feeling.

The role of beads

The main role of beads is to stimulate sensitive parts.The jumping beads have a vibration function. Because the location is usually on the chest or private parts, it can produce a good vibration stimulus effect, stimulate women’s sexual sensitivity nerves, so that the orgasm is more intense and enhance the pleasure of sexual experience.


Depending on the material, the types of beads will be different.Common bead materials include plastic, glass, silicone and metal material.Because the silicone texture is soft, it is more suitable for inlaid on the underwear, and the metal beads are heavier, suitable for decorative decoration on the suit or adult products.

The arrangement of beads

The arrangement of beads is wired and ring -shaped.Line arrangement is usually used in bra and sex pants. Circle beads are suitable for skirts or tights and other clothing.The beads can be sewn and inlaid on the underwear in an irregular manner, and it can also achieve unexpected sexy effects.


Wearing sexy underwear is a very private thing. Therefore, you should pay attention to some matters when buying and choosing beads sex underwear, such as the size that is suitable for your own body, whether the material meets the standard, and so on.When using it, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the beads, and fully maintain the clean and hygiene of the beads, so that people can be safer and healthy when enjoying the feeling of sexy underwear.

The choice of beads sex underwear

When choosing beads sex underwear, compared to the type and arrangement of beads, we need to consider size, comfort, style and color.Only by considering the comprehensive situation can you make sexy underwear more fit your body and needs.

The matching of beads sexy underwear

In terms of matching, beads sexy underwear can be matched with sexy accessories such as high heels, stockings or ornaments, so that the overall sexy level can be further improved.

Customized beads sexy underwear

If you want to be more in line with your needs, you can choose to customize exclusive sexy underwear.During the customization process, you can make personalized design and production according to your preference to create a sexy underwear that is most suitable for your needs.

Beads are more stimulated by female sexual sensitive nerves

It can be seen from the above content that the little beads in the beads sexy underwear are not only beautiful, but also can help women to stimulate sexual sensitive nerves and achieve a better sexual life experience.In order to improve the comfort and applicability of sexy underwear, we need to have a deeper understanding of the design and selection of sexy underwear to make more women get orgasm and more fun when wearing sexy underwear.

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