Will Taobao recommend sexy underwear?


Taobao is one of the largest e -commerce platforms in China. When selling many different types of products, a series of algorithms will be used to recommend similar products for users.It can also promote the increase in sales, so will the product of "sexy underwear" also appear in Taobao’s recommendation system?

Will Taobao recommend sexy underwear

There are many types of goods sold on Taobao, from daily necessities to clothing accessories, covering many fields.Among them, sexy underwear, as a distinct product category, has a good sales.However, in Taobao’s recommendation system, will you also consider the product of sex underwear?

Principle of Taobao recommendation system

The principle of Taobao’s recommendation system is based on the similarity of user behavior and products to generate product recommendations.The foundation of this recommendation is driven by the correlation between goods. Therefore, in actual use, this recommendation method can have great advantages in enhancing Taobao with services to users.

Whether sexy underwear will be excluded from Taobao recommendation

Although there are relatively few merchants selling sexy underwear on the Taobao platform, from the perspective of the product recommendation mechanism on the Taobao platform, its recommendation content will not be restricted by the size, product type or other category threshold of the merchant. Therefore, in TaobaoIn the recommendation system, sexy underwear will not be excluded from the recommendation.

Taobao recommending sexy underwear conditions

Taobao recommends that a certain product is mainly divided into two conditions: the user’s search for the behavior of the product and the correlation between the goods and the commodity.After meeting these two conditions, Taobao’s system can recommend related products for users.Therefore, in Taobao’s recommendation system, sexy underwear can also be recommended.

The Taobao platform is based on the history of browsing history for users to recommend sexy underwear for users

In addition to the above two conditions, users on the Taobao platform browse history can also affect the relevant products recommended by Taobao.For example, if you have searched for sexy underwear, ladies’ sexy underwear and other related products on Taobao, then the Taobao platform will automatically send you the recommended products related to it.

How to solve the love of lingerie products on the Taobao platform

If you want to understand the product category of Qingqu underwear, Taobao will give relevant online store links, so you can check the detailed product information of sexy underwear through these links, including product color, size, price, brand and specific method of use.Essence

Taobao sex lingerie sales prospects

There is no doubt that the sales of sexy underwear on the Taobao platform are quite good.Due to its special sales attributes, the sales cycle of sex underwear is relatively short, but as a special artistic expression, its potential in the entire clothing market still cannot be ignored.

The price advantage of sexy underwear on Taobao

Compared to some physical stores, the sexy underwear sold on Taobao has a more favorable price. Consumers who purchase sex underwear through Taobao platforms can not only enjoy more preferential prices, but also view information about brand characteristics or related events at any time.

in conclusion

Through the above discussion, we can conclude that in the Taobao recommendation system, sexy underwear will not be subject to any restrictions.Although the product classification of sexy underwear is relatively special on Taobao, the popularity of its sales on Taobao is still quite good. Consumers can learn about various preferential activities and details of love underwear through Taobao.

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