Will the sexy underwear be second -hand?

Can sexy underwear be purchased in second -hand?

For many women, sexy underwear is a very special fashion product.Not only can they highlight the sexy and beauty of women, but also enhance the self -confidence of women.However, for various reasons, some women want to buy second -hand erotic underwear.Is this feasible?Let’s discuss one by one.

Question and maintenance of sexy underwear

First of all, when considering buying second -hand sexy underwear, the most important problem is material and maintenance.Unlike other clothing, sexy underwear is usually made from more delicate fabrics and more complex craftsmanship.Therefore, even if the user conducts the correct cleaning and maintenance of it, these clothes are prone to structural damage and fabric degradation.

Some hygiene issues

Secondly, there is also a problem that may need to be faced to buy second -hand sexy underwear.Even if the second -hand erotic underwear is sold after being cleaned, it is impossible to ensure whether these clothes are completely disinfected.Especially in the public clothes room or washing machine, sexy underwear is more vulnerable to various bacteria and viruses.

Size in sex underwear

In addition to the materials and hygiene issues of the problem, you will encounter a size problem when you buy second -hand sexy underwear.The body and weight of each woman are different, so the size of the sexy underwear is also different.Therefore, even if the seller and the buyer are similar, their size may still be inconsistent.This will cause sexy underwear with inappropriate size.

Available in a few cases

Of course, in some special cases, it is also feasible to choose a second -hand sexy underwear.For example, if it is a special significant sexy equipment shared with close friends or partners, or some special circumstances such as returns and samples, you can consider buying second -hand sexy underwear at this time.

How to buy new sexy underwear?

If you have decided not to spend time and energy on the second -hand sexy underwear, how to buy new sexy underwear?You can choose the following channels to buy:

Large e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, JD.com.

Adult products stores can allow you to try on the site.

Fun underwear brand stores can ensure quality.

About the maintenance and storage of sexy underwear

If you plan to buy new sexy underwear, maintenance and storage are also very important.To ensure the life span and sexuality of sexy underwear, we should pay attention to the following points in daily use:

It is necessary to store separately to avoid mixing with other clothes.

The washing temperature of sexy underwear should be moderate and not too high.

It is best to wash your hands, do not use a washing machine.

Do not dry it in a strong sun, preferably dry in ventilated and cool places.

Summary of sexy underwear

In summary, although it is feasible to buy second -hand sexy underwear, hygiene, size, materials and maintenance problems still need to be considered.If you want to get a reliable feel, then buying new sexy underwear may be a better choice.

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