Will you be unhappy if you buy a sexy underwear?

Will my husband feel unhappy when buying a sexy underwear?

In recent years, more and more women have begun to buy sexy underwear and wearing sexy underwear to increase sexual interests and fun.However, when buying sexy underwear, many women will worry that their husband or boyfriend will be dissatisfied or affecting their image.So, will you be unhappy when you buy a sexy underwear?Let’s analyze together.

1. Sexy underwear is a tool to enhance the relationship between husband and wife

Interest underwear is not just to satisfy sexual desire, but more importantly, it can enhance the feelings between husband and wife.Therefore, the sexual interest and taste of women in sexy underwear may make men more like their girlfriend or wife.

2. Men’s attitude towards sexy underwear varies from person to person

When women wear sexy underwear, men’s attitude varies from person to person.Some men will feel that sexy erotic underwear stimulates themselves and feel satisfied and happy.However, some men do not have a cold about this. They think that sexy underwear does not give too many sexy stimuli, but just add some simple decoration.

3. It is important to choose the right sexy underwear

If women do not consider men’s preferences when choosing sexy underwear, and even choose too exposed underwear, then men’s dislikes can be imagined.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must choose underwear that is suitable for your personality and figure, and try to choose the style that men like.

4. What usually wearing is more important than wearing sexy underwear

If women usually do not pay attention to their own wearing, and even have inconsistent or decent situations, even if they wear sexy underwear, men will dislike the whole image.Therefore, women are required to pay more attention to usual wear and increase their own taste and temperament.

5. Please avoid the body odor caused by gynecological diseases

When wearing sexy underwear, women’s body odor will also affect men.If women have gynecological diseases or are in a physiological period, sexy underwear cannot cover the body’s odor.Therefore, women need to pay attention to their health and avoid discomfort to men.

6. Avoid bringing an economic burden on the family

Some sexy lingerie is expensive, and it takes a lot of economic investment to buy. If you purchase too much, it will bring unnecessary economic burden on the family.Therefore, women need to do their best to choose a sexy underwear suitable for their economic ability.

7. Men’s beard will wear women’s sexy underwear

Men do not pay attention to the material of sex underwear due to friction, which will wear out the material, which will affect the use effect.Therefore, women can explain the use of underwear to men to help men help maintain underwear for long -term use of underwear.

8. Raise women’s own awareness of protection

In the process of buying sexy underwear, women need to pay attention to some hidden dangers and red lines, such as whether there are allergic reactions, the softness of the material, and whether it will hurt the breasts.If women pay attention to safety when using sexy underwear, they will bring potential danger to their physical health.It is necessary to raise awareness of protection.

9. Communication is the key to resolving contradictions

If women buy sexy underwear but not recognized by men, women should deal with this problem correctly.On the one hand, we must understand the thoughts of men and understand each other’s needs; on the other hand, we must also pass on their ideas to men and let the other party understand their attitudes.Only through good communication can the contradictions between men and women be resolved.

10. Viewpoint: Buying sexy underwear will not make my husband or boyfriend unhappy

In front of the article, we analyzed some situations, indicating that men will have a different response to sexy underwear.However, if women choose the appropriate sexy underwear, properly handle the relationship between men and women, and communicate with men actively. In comprehensive, buying sexy underwear will not make her husband or boyfriend unhappy.On the contrary, dynamic erotic underwear culture can enrich the life of husband and wife and love between husband and wife.

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