Will your boyfriend wear a sexy underwear?

Overview of men’s sex lingerie

Interest underwear has become part of modern love culture, and it is no longer a traditional sexy practice in the past.Now, men have also begun to pay attention to sexy underwear and pay more attention to their own sexy charm.

Design and material

Men’s sexy underwear is very different from ordinary underwear.Its design is more unique, adding more special elements, such as hollow, transparent, lace, and so on.The material will also choose more comfortable and soft fabrics to pursue a more comfortable dressing experience.

size selection

Size is also a very important part of men’s erotic underwear.Like women’s erotic underwear, the inappropriate size of men’s sexy underwear can cause too tight or loosening, which affects the entire wear effect.


The choice of men’s sexy underwear should be led by occasions. Formally formal occasions such as conferences, dating, etc. are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear, but wearing erotic underwear in family and two -person world will add fun and make each other closer.


Different types of erotic underwear are suitable for men of different personalities. Some romantic, elegant, and mature men will choose a relatively generous style, while others who are more cold, radical and exciting will pursue more wild and decadent sexy lingerie stylesEssence

Personal preferences

Men’s sexy underwear is also different in personal preference.Some people like more traditional styles, some prefer more avant -garde and trendy design, and some people prefer some humorous and interesting sexy lingerie styles.

How to match

Matching is an important part of sexy underwear. Choosing proper coats and underwear can make the entire dressing effect more perfect, such as suitable shorts, trousers, jackets, and so on.If you don’t wear it, you may cause mistakes and even appear funny.

Was my boyfriend wearing sexy lingerie, okay?

Many women’s consultation should make her boyfriend wears sexy underwear? This question actually has no standard answers.If both the boyfriend thinks about the meaning of the relationship between the two people, if both sides of the sexy lingerie are meaningful, it can be considered.But if your boyfriend does not like this kind of thing, you don’t need to try it barely, otherwise the effect is not necessarily good.

adjust your mindset

Interest underwear is a pretty avant -garde concept, especially male sex underwear, which may cause people’s sensitivity and concerns.But if both parties treat this issue positively and optimistic, I believe there will be unexpected gains.

in conclusion

Men’s sexy underwear is a part of modern sex culture, and men can also show their sexy aspects through sexy underwear.However, whether you can wear sexy underwear need to be based on both sides recognized, and you also need to pay attention to some wearing skills, otherwise the effect may not be satisfactory.

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