Will your husband buy sexy underwear?

Will your husband buy a sexy underwear?

As a clothing that can enhance emotions and sex, sexy underwear has attracted more and more women’s attention and pursuit in recent years.However, there is a problem that still makes many women distress, that is: Will their husbands buy sexy underwear?Below, let’s discuss this issue together.

Men who knows love underwear

First of all, to answer this question, it is necessary to distinguish between men’s attitude towards sexy underwear. In fact, not all men exclude sexy underwear. On the contrary, some men who understand the love underwear will think this is an interesting passion experience.

"Don’t make me look like a woman"

However, some men still have a negative attitude towards erotic underwear, saying that they do not need these special clothing to stimulate their desires, or worry that they will feel uncomfortable after wearing sex underwear.What’s more, some people think that wearing sexy underwear is a patent of women, and men should not be "like a woman."

The man is also buying a sexy dress himself

However, what many people don’t know is that in fact, men are also buying sexy underwear themselves.Some men even wear various styles of sexy underwear to create their own passion atmosphere.Therefore, men and women are actually the same, both have hobbies and needs.

Suggestions to express ideas rather than compulsory

If women want their husbands to wear fun underwear, it is best not to force them, but to express their ideas in a warm feeling and private conversation.Browse together online sex underwear shops, so that they have a better understanding and understanding of sexy underwear, and they can slowly adapt and accept this point.

Try a natural way to stimulate interest

A more natural way is to play playing games at home, buy a few sets of sexy underwear to increase interest and interest, so that the husband also knows the importance and role of sexy underwear, which can promote men’s interest and understanding of sexy underwear.

Select gender to one

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can consider classification according to gender. This will help your husband easier to choose the appropriate sexy underwear, and it is easier to adapt to such a shopping method.

Try some simple styles

If men are more resistant to erotic underwear, it is recommended to start trying from a relatively simple, not -lost and interesting style.For example, you can choose a patch with stimulating effect. This is a very simple and interesting sexy clothing.

Appropriate gifts are also a choice

If your husband is really resistant to sexy underwear, you can choose the appropriate gift to replace sexy underwear.For example, sexy men’s underwear or various irritating small toys can also effectively create a fun atmosphere.

Don’t force

All in all, let your husband also wear a fun underwear is a very personal and cautious process. It must take some time and patience.It is an important wish, but don’t forget, don’t force anything.Set the situation in the place where you all feel happy and enjoyable. I believe you will find a way to communicate together and make yourself more satisfied with them as much as possible.

Interest underwear is not universal

Finally, it is necessary to remind that erotic underwear is not a universal magic weapon to solve all problems, and there are many other factors that can affect and improve the emotional relationship between husband and wife.Therefore, while creating a fun atmosphere, you also need to make other efforts.

in conclusion

In the process of communicating with her husband, we must understand their needs and hobbies, and gradually guide them to try sexy underwear under a relaxed and happy atmosphere.If you have difficulties, exit or change your mind appropriately, after all, everyone’s ideas and acceptance are different.

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