2017 sex underwear number


In modern society, sexy underwear is an important fashion product.Not only can it add sexy charm to women, but also a must -have for the fun between husband and wife.In 2017, some updated trends and changes also appeared on the number of sexy underwear.In this article, we will discuss these changes and trends so that you can better understand the sexy underwear in 2017.


The latest sexy underwear brand Simiette became a hot spot in 2017.Simiette’s underwear is characterized by no trace design, so that women do not see the underwear traces of underwear no matter what clothing we wear.At the same time, underwear uses Japanese technology, combined with soft fabric and 3D stereo suture technology, so that the underwear has good breathing and high comfort.

Grid underwear (MESH)

Grid underwear is a type of sexy underwear. Its prominent feature is that there are many small holes on the surface of the underwear.This underwear gives a very sexy feeling, and also allows water and air to flow on the body.In 2017, grid underwear was used by more and more brands and designers.

Vest underwear (VEST)

Vete underwear is a simple and practical sexy underwear.It is characterized by no shoulder straps. Only the vest -style underwear is slightly over the embarrassing situation such as "shoulder strap deformed" "overflow. It is especially suitable for outdoor activities in daily wear or summer.

Sexy Lingerie (Sexy Lingerie)

Interest pajamas are sexy and artistic underwear, and their design tends to retro and artistic style.Interest pajamas generally have tops and pants. They are characterized by rich patterns and ribbons, giving people a very tempting feeling.In 2017, the fun pajamas adopt a subtle design, which combines many fashion elements.

Lace sticker flower underwear (Applique)

Lace sticking underwear is a underwear composed of mucosa with lace lace, which is widely used in weddings and parties.This underwear is often worn as part of the clothing, and is considered a very noble and gorgeous popular underwear.

Bonded underwear (bondage)

What is attractive to binding underwear is the designs of extremely teasing, which can inspire the ultimate sexual desire.This underwear often contains materials such as leather, metal ring or hard hooks, giving people a feeling of stimulating and restricted.In 2017, restraint underwear pays more attention to the comfort and warmth of the materials.

Back underwear (Backless)

Deeling underwear is a very popular sexy underwear, with sexy naked back and shoulder design.This underwear is prepared for women with tall figures, which can better reflect the body lines and make the body look more beautiful.

Kimono underwear (Kimono)

Kimono underwear is a sexy underwear in Japanese culture, looks like a bathrobe, elegant and luxurious.This underwear uses the traditional Japanese style and fabric design, making women more oriental charm when wearing.

Fairy Tale

Fairyye underwear is a dreamy sexy underwear. It uses a large number of ribbons, lace and embroidery, which is especially suitable for Valentine’s Day or other romantic occasions.This underwear gives a mysterious and graceful feeling.

Cat Woman (Cat Woman)

Cat and women’s underwear is a kind of sexy underwear launched by the US DC company.The underwear is made of catwoman theme and is made of special materials such as leather and fluff, which is especially suitable for women who want to make themselves more fairy tale in sexy or Halloween activities.


In 2017, the sex underwear market showed more diversified, innovative, and more artistic trends. This is the product of changes in social concepts and fusion of fashion concepts.For consumers, choosing the right type of sexy underwear can meet their own needs and enhance their confidence.