Beauty sexy underwear long stockings open their legs open

Beauty sexy underwear long stockings open their legs open

As a kind of sexy underwear, beautiful women’s sexy underwear with long socks is expected. Wearing stockings can make beauty more fashionable and challenging.However, how to choose and match stockings is the key, let’s discuss it next.

1. Types of stockings

When choosing and matching stockings, we must first understand its type.There are four basic types: middle socks, long socks, ultra -long socks and grid stockings.The height of the middle socks is usually below the knee. The long socks can reach the legs to the thighs. The ultra -long socks and grid stockings have a longer length and a more complex design.

2. The combination of stocking with beauty underwear

Different styles of beautiful women’s erotic underwear also need to be paired with different stockings to achieve their best results.For example, the yellow -in stockings with lace sexy underwear can make the entire image more fresh and pleasant; the perspective sexual emotional sexy underwear with black super socks can show a more challenging overall image.

3. Fashionable stockings matching

Fashion trendy models often choose suitable stockings to match when walking or daily, which also provides more inspiration and choices for consumers who love fashion and pursuit.For example, black stockings or ultra -long socks are matched with a cool -type sexual sexy lingerie, which can show a more unique temperament and sexy taste.

4. Impact on the body

Choosing long socks suitable for your body can better show your charm.For example, a petite woman can choose a bright high socks to increase their height and brightness, and women with higher figures can choose to emphasize the middle of the legs or long socks that emphasize the leg curve.

5. Pay attention to hygiene issues

Wearing the same long socks for a long time can easily lead to the breeding of bacteria. Therefore, we must pay attention to hygiene issues and replace new stockings on a regular basis.In addition, try to avoid walking on unclean ground when wearing, so as to avoid staining dirt and bacteria.

6. Maintenance method of stockings

The maintenance method of stockings also needs to be paid attention to.Generally speaking, the washing machine should be avoided and changed to hand washing.At the same time, you can also choose long socks with special functions such as "anti -hook wire" and "not slipping".

7. The price of stockings

The price of stockings is also a problem we need to consider.The higher the price, the better the quality. Consumers should look at the trendy market and selectively cost -effective stockings.Generally speaking, the price of middle socks is cheaper than other types, while the price of ultra -long socks and grid stockings is usually higher.

8. Recommended

Finally, I recommend several long stockings suitable for beauty and sexy underwear for consumers to choose from.The first is the middle socks. We recommend black and white Pure color in stockings. These two socks can be matched with different colors and different types of sexy underwear, so that you are full of beautiful posture.Followed by ultra -long socks, colorful ultra -long socks are recommended, such as neon ultra -long stockings, blue ultra -long stockings, etc. These are more popular colors in the trendy market.

Viewpoint: Choose long socks that are suitable for your own figure and sexy underwear, and correctly maintain and clean it, which can help us better show our unique charm and make ourselves more confident and charming.

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