Double -headed sex underwear pants

What is double -headed sex underwear?

Two -headed sex underwear is a sexy underwear like T -shaped pants.Different from ordinary erotic underwear, in addition to covering the lower body, it also decorated the hips and waist at the same time, and the shape is diversified. Some of them are lace, some are lace, and some are very sexy and seductive when they wear fluff or bow.

Which people are suitable for?

Double -headed underwear pants are a good choice for any female and age group.Compared with traditional sexy underwear, its unique design can bring more fun and new experience.And most styles generally have telescope and can adapt to women with different sizes.

Style classification

There are still many styles of double -headed sex underwear. According to the nature of the purpose, it can be divided into the following:

Affordable double -headed erotic underwear: Because the design of the upper and lower parts is very unique, this style of underwear can often be disassembled and turned into two parts.The advantage of this style is that it can change the method of wearing, which becomes more novel and special.

Double -headed underwear pants with the effect of supporting: This style is specially designed in the waist and buttocks, which can play a role similar to underwear or bodywear, making women’s hips more uplifted and attractive.

The most special part of this style of exposed buttocks and two heads is that the most special place is that the hips of women are fully exposed, that is, only the waist and lower body are covered, and the hips are completely exposed, which is very sexy.

Stand -style double -headed color underwear: The strap style is a common favorite of women. It can adjust the length of the strap, making the entire underwear cross the fit, and fully show the advantages of the body.The strap is generally in the belt and hip band position, and some styles will have shoulder straps.

What fabric is more comfortable?

In order to make it comfortable, lace, cotton, silk, polyester, simulation silk, nylon and other materials, the underwear made is breathable and good comfort.The quality and softness of the fabric.

How to choose the size?

The choice of size is very important. If the size is inappropriate, it will affect the comfort and visual beauty of wearing.Double -headed underwear pants are generally divided into different sizes such as S, M, L and XL.Be sure to pay attention to the size when buying. If you are not sure, it is recommended to try it on or consult customer service to learn more about size information.

How to match?

How to match this more unique sexy underwear is the key, and can be matched according to your temperament, occasion, and parts that need highlights.For example, to highlight the waist, you can choose some styles with stockings or over -knee socks, which are more sexy.You need to highlight the chest and hip curves, you can choose a thin shoulder strap style or a sexy underwear with a shoulder strap style.The possibility of diversification is very high.

How to clean it?

Because the fabric is generally fragile, it will cause damage to the skin, so you need to wash it.It is best to wash it by hand. It needs to be cleaned with warm water and soft soap. It cannot be used to avoid the effect of destructive water and laundry powder.

What occasions are fitted?

There are many occasions suitable for wearing, such as Valentine’s Day, birthday, holiday, party, nightclubs, weddings, vacations, etc., put on double -headed sex underwear on these occasions, making yourself more sexy and brave, which will definitely make people shine.

What should I pay attention to when make the purchase?

It is best to choose some reputation brands, which are better in warranty and after -sales service.When buying, you should also pay attention to some sexy underwear with breathable sweat absorption, soft fabric, and diversified style.In addition, pay attention to price issues and not be fooled by low prices.


In short, double -headed sexy underwear is a sexy sexy underwear that is suitable for buying it for yourself, and it is also suitable for lovers as gifts.I believe that as long as you choose a style that suits you and put it on, it will make you feel different interests and charm.

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