Fun underwear can be worn usual

Interesting underwear, as a privacy of the accelerated heartbeat, has always been considered to be only worn on specific occasions.However, with the changes in the times, sexy underwear has begun to become more and more avant -garde and diverse. Many types of sexy underwear can also be worn.This article will explore these erotic underwear that can usually wear, including the way of wear, suitable occasions, and so on.

# 1. triangular underwear

Triangular underwear is one of the most basic underwear. Although it does not belong to the field of sexy underwear, it can be used as a substitute for sexy underwear.As the name shows, the crotch of the triangle underwear is triangular, which is very suitable for usual wear. It can be worn as a substitute for both panties, or as a substitute for shorts and sports pants.Of course, you need to pay attention to the quality and comfort of the fabric when buying.

# 2. Conjusational pajamas

As a relatively loose pajamas, the comfort is very high.And some sexy, high -quality conjoined pajamas are also suitable for usual wear.This kind of pajamas generally use high -quality fabrics, suitable for high heels and accessories, and can wear parties and gatherings.

# 3. Lace Tie

Lace breasts can actually be worn as ordinary underwear, especially some simple -style lace bra. There is no need to be too cumbersome and easy to match various clothing.In addition, if you want to explore more avant -garde wear, you can try to wear sportswear, shirt, etc. to match it, and you will have unexpected results.

# 4. Hanging shirt

The suspender shirt is also a very good wearing sexy underwear. It can be worn as an inside. It can be paired with various items such as watermelon skirts and hot pants.Of course, wearing a camisole before going to bed is also attractive.

# 5. Get up the chest

Starting the bra, as the name suggests, the bras that can support the chest can be supported.In addition to the effect of the tential, some special effects such as breast enhancement and modification of the body make the wearer more confident and beautiful in the usual dress.

# 6. stockings

Although stockings are not in the category of sexy underwear, it is a single product that allows you to maintain sexy in usual wear.Stockings can be worn not only with sexy underwear, but also wearing items such as underwear, skirts, shorts and other items to create a stylish and sexy dress.

# 7. Transparent dress

Transparent dresses are also not only suitable for sexy occasions. Some simple cutting and color matching can also integrate styles suitable for usual wear.Of course, you need to pay attention not to be too exposed when matching, so as to really be elegant and sexy.

# 8. Eye mask

Will the eye masks be used as long as they are playing SM?of course not.Some high -quality eye masks can also be used as decoration and enhanced regulatory effects.Eye mask styles are diverse, and can also be matched with his interesting underwear items.

# 9. Red underwear

Although red underwear is also in the category of sexy underwear, its styles are diverse and the color is very eye -catching. It can make attention effects in usual wear.You can choose some simple -style red underwear, and then paired with black jeans or purple skirts, you can still be simple, clear, sexy and charming.

# 10. Shirt -style restraint

Shirt -style restraint is designed with its unique design, even if it is usually wearing a lot of sexy effects.Due to the many styles, you can customize it according to your own body characteristics, and you can also use various pants, skirts or sportswear to create a stylish and sexy feeling.

After reading the introduction of these sexy underwear, do you know more about the wearing nature of sexy underwear?Of course, wearing erotic underwear is not just to let others see, but more for yourself.When you put on sexy underwear, you will feel unprecedented self -confidence and charm.

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