Hip sexy underwear

Hip sexy underwear


Interesting underwear, as an indispensable item in flirting and sex games, has become a matter of many years.Now, it is not just some common sex lingerie clothing, including socks, restraint equipment, etc.However, there are still a kind of sexy underwear that is easily ignored by people -buttocks sexy underwear.They can be beautiful decorations, or it can be a way for you to reach orgasm.This article will introduce some knowledge about hip sex lingerie.

Hip sex underwear classification

Hip sex lingerie can usually be divided into two categories: G string and swimming trunks.G Strings often have small panties that pass through the hips, while swimming trunks are variants of ordinary underwear. It has higher waistline and less leg coverage.These underwear can be made of various materials, including silk, cotton, lace, leather, latex, etc.

Choose the factors of the hip sex underwear

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It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you. The following are several factors that need to be considered:


Comfort is the primary consideration.Whether you are dancing or playing sex games, uncomfortable hip underwear will become unnecessary cumbersome, which will affect emotions and vitality.Therefore, choose comfortable underwear.


Will thick leather underwear be a good idea?Obviously not.Considering the use, if you wear sexy underwear at a theme party, you can choose the hip underwear that matches the clothing.Of course, if the underwear is worn for sex, then consider whether the underwear you choose can achieve your needs.

The importance of hip sex underwear

Let’s take a look at the role of hip sex underwear in sex games.First, the buttocks sexy underwear can irritate sexual desire.Especially those underwear with decoration and texture can preheat emotions that make you more willing to participate in sexual activities.Second, it can make you feel more confident in sexual behavior, and this can improve sexual blessing.Finally, these small underwear can increase the fun of traditional sexual intercourse, hand sex, hand sex, anal sex, breast sex and other sexual intercourse.

Suggestion of hip sex underwear

G striker or T intercept

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No matter which type of hip sex lingerie you like, G strings and T intercept are good choices.They will all enhance your sexual attractiveness, and the code is short, which means more physical exposure and increased sexual impulse.For those who like oral sex and anal sex, G Strine will be a more practical choice because it is easy to move.


With a sexy stockings, it will definitely add beauty.Stockings of different colors can be paired with various underwear, such as black stockings with black or red underwear, so as to create a sexy and charming image.

Maintenance of hip sex underwear

Hand washing and drying are the best way to maintain sexy underwear in the buttocks.Before washing, check the product label and follow the instructions.Do not choose a rotating or stirring program in a dedicated washing machine, but use water temperature control and soft detergent.


When choosing a sexy underwear in the hip, it is important to consider comfort, use and materials.Hip sex lingerie plays a vital role in sex games, which can enhance sexual attractiveness, confidence and fun.Taking advantage of your life, dedicate the real unforgettable sex experience for yourself and your partner!