Homemade Lianyou underwear pictures


Sexy underwear has become one of the hot topics talked about by modern people, and everyone has different preferences for brands and styles.However, buying sexy underwear in the market is sometimes high, so self -made erotic underwear has become a good choice.This article will introduce how to make self -containing underwear, with pictures.

Material preparation

The materials required for even physical and sexy underwear include: soft fabrics, needle wires, sewing machines, buttons, adhesive bands, etc.You can choose the color and material of different materials according to personal preference.

Measure the body size

Before making even physical underwear, you need to accurately measure your body size.This is very critical, because even the tightness of the sexy underwear is tight, the inappropriate size will affect the comfort.You need to measure the body size of the bust, the waist, and the hips.

Cutting fabric

After measuring the body size, the soft fabric can be cut according to the size.You can cut the fabrics of the upper body and lower body according to the design requirements and suture.

Sewing conjoined part

Swipe the upper body and the lower body cloth together to form a conjoined part.This step needs to use a sewing machine, and the sewing needs to pay attention to the peaceful integration of the line head.

Add the buttons and adhesive bands

According to the design needs, add buttons and adhesive bands on the back.The buttons can be used for clothes through and off, and the sticky band can play a role in fixed jackets.

Design chest

According to personal needs, design chest parts.You can add underwriting pads or soft fabrics, add design to the chest, and suture.

Design lower body part

The lower part is divided into underwear and jackets, which need to be designed according to needs.You can use high waist underwear design, or naked design.

Putting even physical and sexy underwear

After the sewing of the body’s sexy underwear is completed, it can be painted.You can use sequins, color fabrics and other materials to decorate, so that Lian’s sexy underwear is more personalized.

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Self -made erotic underwear can not only meet personal needs, but also save the cost of buying expensive erotic underwear.This article introduces the specific steps of production even physical underwear, and attach pictures, hoping to help everyone.

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