How to draw sexy underwear pictures girls

How to draw sexy underwear pictures girls

With the development of the times, more and more people have begun to pay attention to sexy underwear, and more and more women have begun to wear sexy underwear to disturb male eyeballs.As a sexy underwear expert, let me share how to draw sexy underwear pictures girls.

Select topic and color

First of all, determine the theme and color of sexy underwear.Different sexy lingerie styles have different themes, such as sweet, sexy, cute, etc.At the same time, color is also very important, and the choice of color should be consistent with the theme.For different women, you can choose different styles and show them in the screen.

Picture composition

In addition to the feeling of passing the underwear, a good sexy lingerie picture also needs a suitable picture composition.When composition, you can simply draw a few reference lines, which can help increase the ratio and balance of images.

Draw outline

You can start drawing outlines when you are determined to have a sexual underwear frame.The contour should be displayed in detail and accurately.This will be the foundation of your subsequent painting.

Drawing details

After determining the outline, you can start drawing details.Such as patterns, lace, folds, etc.Be careful not to let the details be too complicated and lose the clarity of the image.You can use a sketch to replace the construction of the details in the specific lines. In the end, the color screen can retain considerable general effects.

Choose suitable pigments

The choice of pigments is very important, because pigments can affect the success or failure of the picture effect.For the color of sexy underwear, you can choose bright and sexy colors, such as red, black, purple, etc. to increase the effect of the picture.

Use shadow details

The shadow can not only create a bright and depth feeling, but also enhance the saturation of the image.Make sure that appropriate shadows and highlights are added to the image to increase details and depth, making the image more realistic.

Process details

To create a real sexy underwear, you need to add some details.Such as the lines, patterns, and lace at the details, these details can add more realistic style to the overall image to make the image more realistic.

Complete painting

Finally, after completing the painting, you can use graffiti software to modify the details, polish the entire picture, and finally output the picture.The picture must show the sexy, beautiful and female temperament of the underwear.


Refer to these techniques, you can create surprising erotic underwear pictures.At the same time, it can express women’s self -confidence, sexy and charm, and attract men’s attention.Please continue to work hard to create some real masterpieces.

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