How to write English underwear English

How to write English underwear English

When we walk into the sex shop, the most conspicuous is many various sexy underwear.However, when we choose to buy sexy underwear, if we need to ask the clerk or buy overseas, how can we use English to describe it?In this article, we will introduce the English expression method of sexy underwear.

1. Introduction -Introduction -Introduction

Interest underwear can be described as "Sexy Lingerie", "Erotic Underwear", "Adult Lingerie", but in different occasions, the meaning of these words is different.

2. Sexy Lingerie -sexy sexy underwear

In some cases that are more formal and mixed with a little interest atmosphere, we can use "Sexy Lingerie" to describe sexy sexy underwear.These underwear design is simple and without too much modification, but it exudes the sexy atmosphere that is difficult to resist in detail.

3. EROTIC Underwear -Lessy sexy underwear

If we need to describe the unique and sensual sexy underwear, then we can use the word "Erotic Underwear" to express it.These underwear usually have a provocative tailoring design, and the exposed details and the choice of materials also exude a sensuality.

4. Adult Lingerie -Adult sexy underwear

When we need to use more objective and rigorous vocabulary to describe sexy underwear, we can use the word "adult lingerie".This underwear does not necessarily have a sexy or sensual design, but it is a sexy underwear designed for adults.

5. Teddy -Teddy sexy underwear

Teddy is a type of sexy underwear, also known as "One-Piece Lingerie".It is a sexy underwear composed of conjoined shorts and tops, often with various unique decorations, such as lace, hook flowers, bead embroidery, etc.

6. Corset -tight -fitting corset

If you want to wear a sexy underwear that makes yourself more feminine, you can choose a tight corset, that is, "Corset".It is a special underwear that is restrained, beautiful and sexy, which is particularly loved by European and American women.

7. Chemise -shoulder strap -style pajamas

This kind of sexy underwear is a very comfortable pajamas that is often used as sexy clothing.Its design is very charming. Long dresses are generally paired with rich hook flowers and lace decorations, and are decorated with suspenders or tassels.

8. Garter Belt

Garter Belt is a particularly popular sexy underwear accessory that wearing Garter Belt can make the flesh full of strong temptation.The role of this underwear accessories is to wear with other sexy underwear, usually consisting of multiple straps and a belt.

9. BABYDOLL -Baby Skirts Sex Underwear

Babydoll is a tight -tight -tight, lower half of sexy underwear, an aliasing baby skirt.This underwear is usually composed of soft material and gorgeous lace decoration.After women wear it, the whole person will emit a soft and gorgeous atmosphere.

10. Conclusion -Conclusion

Interest underwear is a manifestation of women’s beauty, and it is a unique clothing that exudes sexy beauty.When we need to describe sexy underwear in English, we can choose different vocabulary according to our needs and occasions to describe the selected underwear style.

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