I bought a good erotic underwear

I bought a good erotic underwear

How can we choose when we buy sexy underwear?The following are several points, I hope to help you.

1. Planning budget

First of all, you need to understand the price range of love underwear, and then choose according to your own budget restrictions.Don’t just pursue cheap prices, but not sensitive to quality, and you cannot squeeze your wallet for equipment use.

2. Pay attention to the size

When buying sexy underwear, make sure you know your size.If it is not clear, you can go to the professional staff in the store for measurement, or find related measurement methods online.Choosing underwear suitable for your body will make you full of confidence.

3. Material

The material of sexy underwear is crucial.Good materials can provide comfortable fit, breathability and antibacterial ability.Common materials include silk, lace and cotton.

4. Suitable for you

Different erotic lingerie styles are suitable for different figures.For example, women who are too prominent on their chests can choose underwear with elasticity and belt.For women who are not plump on the chest, they can choose underwear with viscous tape, which can not only improve the chest, but also show a sexy curve.

5. Color

Sex underwear is often associated with sexy and temptation, so color choices are important.Light -colored underwear, bright colored underwear and lingerie can increase the effect of interest.However, when choosing the color, you still need to consider matching with your skin tone, not too dazzling or too dim.

6. The functional requirements of underwear

Sex underwear needs to be selected according to its own needs, which must be met with beauty and functionality.For example, for some people who need long -term activity, it is important to choose underwear with good breathability.

7. Select adjustable underwear

Interesting underwear can choose as much as possible with the underwear with adjustable shoulder straps and bust to ensure as comfortable experience as possible.Determine the appropriate size and adjustable underwear can add a comfortable feeling to you.

8. Careful maintenance

You have purchased high -quality sexy underwear, but bad maintenance plans will destroy your underwear.Understand the washing requirements of underwear, be careful not to use soft or too hot water.

9. Brand credibility

Choose good brands, such as Victoria ’s Secret, La Perla and Agent Provocateur. These brands have good reputation and brand awareness. You can understand the brand reputation through the opinions of other buyers.

10. Pay attention to the details when buying

When buying sexy underwear, you need to carefully observe the details of the underwear, such as sutures, lines and materials to ensure good underwear quality and good workmanship.

Overall, the quality of sexy underwear with good quality is suitable for most people.At the same time, understanding that your body and needs are selected for your underwear according to your requirements.Buying sexy underwear needs to be cautious. Merchants with formal licenses are not worried about the quality and quantity. Choosing reliable channels to buy is the best guarantee.

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