Open crotch pants Instead underwear network

Open crotch pants Instead underwear network

Open crotch pants Instead underwear network

Interest underwear has always been a representative of sex auxiliary products. It not only requires high levels in appearance and material, but also has corresponding needs for special functions -most sexy underwear needs to have a certain degree of skin -friendly, breathable, soft and other characteristics.And open crotch pants, the sexy underwear happens to meet this requirement.So, what is open crotch pants sex underwear, why is it popular, let’s take a look together.

What is open crotch pants and sexy underwear

Open crotch pants are a kind of underwear designed specially for love enthusiasts. It is characterized by adding zipper or tattoo bands on the left and right sides of the panties. It is convenient for sexual activity without taking off the underwear.The neutral experience is the most convenient type.

Open crotch pants, sexy underwear style types

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There are many styles of open crotch pants. There are many styles of sexy underwear, mainly divided into two types: single parts and sets:

1. Single -style style: Swimwear or bikini -designed open crotch pants have relatively many sexy underwear, because the shape is more sexy and exposed, which can meet the needs of users.

2. Set style: open crotch pants for various scenarios design, such as SM suits, interest restraint suits, etc.

The material of the open crotch pants and the sexy underwear

The selection of the sexy underwear for open crotch pants is also very important. It usually involves requirements in terms of style, comfort, effect and other aspects. It is mainly divided into the following types:

1. Chemical fiber: Common materials include polyester fiber, nylon, etc., which have the advantages of softness, skin care, breathability, etc., but the burden of people with allergies is relatively heavy.

2. Pure cotton: natural and environmentally friendly, breathable soft, but easy to wrinkle and absorb water, and less elastic fabrics, the wearing experience is relatively worse.

3. Real silk: high -end fabrics, soft and smooth, but it is more likely to be damaged, and it is difficult to wash.

Purpose of opening the crotch pants Interesting underwear purchase precautions

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1. Before buying, you must measure physical data to ensure that you can buy the appropriate size, otherwise it will easily lead to poor wear effect.

2. The selection of materials and styles should combine the user’s physical characteristics and needs, such as whether it is allergic and whether it needs to be increased.

3. The choice of brand, quality and price, and should also consider whether it meets its own budget and cost -effective factors.

The maintenance of the open crotch pants sexy underwear

1. After use, clean with water or cleaner in time. Do not dry it with hot water or high temperature.

2. Avoid multiple people, develop good habits, and pay attention to personal hygiene.

3. Do not contact chemicals such as perfume and bath liquid to avoid damage to underwear.

Open crotch pants sexy underwear match

Open crotch pants are undoubtedly one of the most attractive equipment in sex activities, but it does not exist independently. Of course, correct matching can make the sex experience more fully.

1. Combined with the color and character of the skin, choose the appropriate but not covering the underwear, such as long trousers or lace waist.

2. If the underwear is more exposed, you can boldly choose high -profile accessories such as high heels.

in conclusion:

Open crotch pants are the most special type of sexy underwear. Pay attention to the size, material, style and matching effect when buying.If you choose the right, it is undoubtedly a booster for sex experience, which can make passion higher.