Pure desires and beautiful lingerie cheongsam cheongsam

Introduce pure desire ingot underwear cheongsam

Interest underwear is an indispensable fashion for fashion.And pure desire for underwear cheongsam is one of the most popular choices.

Pure desires and materials of underwear cheongsam cheongsam

Pure desires are usually made of silk or high -quality chiffon materials.Its design is Chinese -style cheongsam style, which is very suitable for women who like visual effects.

Decoration on cheongsam

There are usually some gorgeous decorations on the cheongsam, such as: phoenix, lotus, fish, swallows, flowers and birds, dragons, etc.These decorations can add a sense of mystery and feminine charm to underwear.

Selection of color

Pure desires can choose a variety of different colors, such as: black, red, pink, purple, white, etc.These colors can not only fully show the sexy and charm of women, but also meet the preferences of different women.

Recommended with

There are many clothing with this sexy underwear, such as: high heels, flower headdress, jewelry, stockings, etc.This combination can add more feminine charm to your shape.

Wearing occasion

Pure desires can be worn on multiple occasions, such as: sexy parties, sexy nights, sweet Valentine’s Day, etc.It can add a sense of mystery and strengthen femininity to the entire event.


If you want to keep underwear in a perfect state, it is recommended to adopt the correct maintenance method.Hand washing is the best way. Add detergent to the water to gently scrub.Remember not to dry it in a dryer or strong sunlight.

size selection

It is important to choose the right size.Different sizes have different busts, waist circumferences, hips and length.It is recommended that you measure your physical data first, and then select the appropriate size according to the size table provided by the merchant.

Customized service

If you want to have your own unique pure desire for underwear cheongsam, you can find some customized underwear service providers.According to your personal needs, they will make perfect erotic underwear so that you are more confident and beautiful on every occasion.

in conclusion

Pure desires and fun underwear cheongsam is a very characteristic and charm of underwear.Through the correct selection and matching, it can add more charming charm to women.And the correct maintenance method and size selection can ensure the perfect state and comfort of the underwear.Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you choose a suitable pure desire for lingerie cheongsam to add a feminine charm.

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