Selling sexy underwear videos with foreigners


Interest underwear is not only a practical clothing, but also a prop to ignite passion.In recent years, foreigners have increasingly demand for sexy underwear, which has also brought new opportunities for our sales market.

Understand the cultural background of foreigners

When selling sexy underwear, we need to understand the cultural background of different countries.For example, in Western countries, sexual liberation is higher, and they pay more attention to personalization.Therefore, more colorful styles and styles should be recommended when selling sexy underwear.

Choose the right style

When recommending sexy underwear, we should choose the right style according to the needs of customers.For example, using gorgeous lace, pearls and other decorations can create a visual impact effect, thereby increasing the desire to buy.

Improving sales skills

When selling sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to details.For example, we can use visual effects to place sexy underwear in a prominent position in front of them.At the same time, we can also add the effects of candlelight in some places to create a more romantic atmosphere.

Customers with different needs

When selling sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to customers who target different needs.Therefore, we need to provide different products according to the different needs of customers.For example, we can choose to provide sexy underwear with different styles and different materials based on the understanding of customers to meet different needs.

How to increase customer trust

When selling sexy underwear, we need to consider how to increase the trust of customers.We can provide customers with high -quality shopping experience by providing recommendations, praise and other services.In addition, we can provide services such as coupons and free trials to make customers feel more assured and satisfactory.

Difficulties and response measures for sales

There are some difficulties in selling sexy underwear, such as in terms of sex, which can easily cause moral controversy.Therefore, we need to pay attention to dealing with the relationship with customers.When recommending sexy underwear, we should use objective language and attitude to avoid excessive sales and infringement of customer privacy.

How to improve sales performance

In terms of increasing sales performance, we can achieve brand reputation and improve product quality.By providing high -quality products and services, we can increase the number of customers and sales.At the same time, we can carry out large -scale promotional activities to increase customer loyalty and increase sales.

Problems that need to be avoided

You need to avoid certain problems when selling sexy underwear. For example, when advertising, you need to avoid using language and images such as too exposed, exposed, and obscene.We should pay attention to the protection of customer privacy, not infringement, and we should abide by relevant laws and regulations.


In response to the market’s market, we need to pay attention to rational thinking and reasonable planning.In the process of sales, we should respect the needs and rights of customers, and provide suitable products and services according to the needs of customers.At the same time, we can also improve sales performance by improving brand quality and customer satisfaction.

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