Sending disposable gloves in sex underwear

Sending disposable gloves in sex underwear

Reasons for sex underwear to send disposable gloves

In the process of buying sexy underwear, many people will encounter a problem, how to ensure hygiene.In fact, this problem is indeed some difficulty, because the material of sexy underwear is often special, and it is difficult to wash.Therefore, some erotic underwear brands will choose to bring disposable gloves when they are given away.

How to use disposable gloves

When using disposable gloves, you need to pay attention to the following points:

First of all, you need to choose the appropriate glove size so that the gloves will not be too loose or too tight.

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After entering the room, clean the hand to clean.After cleaning your hands, put your gloves on your hands.The next step is to wear sexy underwear.

After wearing, remove the gloves in time, clean and disinfect.

Suggestions for the purchase of disposable gloves

There are many types and models on the market. You need to pay attention to the following points when buying:

The material of disposable gloves must meet the sanitary standards, and it is best to choose medical -level materials.

Choose the glove size for you, try to avoid too tight or loosening.

Pay attention to the thickness of the gloves, too thin and easy to damage, too thick and easy to affect flexibility.

Sending underwear to send disposable glove brands

Among the sexy lingerie brands on the market, some brands will be accompanied by disposable gloves when they are given away. These brands include but are not limited to:

Sexy Lingerie


DM sister

Three love



Eden Garden

Washing and maintenance of sexy underwear

In order to ensure the hygiene and service life of sexy underwear, regular cleaning and maintenance need to be carried out.During cleaning, it is recommended to use natural detergents and cold water hands. At the same time, be careful not to rub or dry hard.During maintenance, you can use a cleaner to spray, and then dry the sexy underwear in a cool and ventilated place.

Sex of sex underwear

The sexy underwear can be divided into the following categories according to the different styles and uses:

Bold back: This kind of sexy underwear usually makes the design of the back, side and other parts very sexy, and shows women’s charm by exposing the back.

Sexy pajamas: Such sexy underwear is usually relatively loose pajamas, but it reflects sexy charm through perspective style or small exposure.

Interesting swimsuit: This kind of sexy underwear is mainly imitated with bikinis or swimsuit styles. At the same time, some unique design elements are added to make women more sexy and full.

Sexy stockings: This kind of sexy underwear is composed of stockings, stockings, etc. At the same time, there will be a variety of elements such as lace, mesh, etc., creating a sexy atmosphere.

Suggestion of sexy underwear purchase suggestions

When buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose the style and size that suits you.

Choose the material and fabric that suits you to avoid allergies or impermeability.

Choose brands and products with good word of mouth to avoid buying unqualified or inferior products.

The meaning of sending one sexual glove

When the sexy underwear brand is given a disposable glove, it is not only to make customers use more convenient and hygienic, but also to reflect the brand’s professionalism and intimate services.Therefore, if a brand is encountered when sending disposable gloves, you may wish to choose the sexy underwear products of these brands.


Through the introduction of this article, I believe that everyone has learned about the knowledge about sex underwear to send disposable gloves.Choosing the right sexy underwear and disposable gloves can not only improve wearing comfort, but also fully guarantee hygiene, so that you are more assured and comfortable when using.