Several sexy underwear straps

Basis of sexy underwear: single -rooted strap

For sexy underwear, bands are one of the most critical design elements.The most basic sexy underwear usually has only one strap, surrounded by the chest to support and fixed.

Two bands: better support and shaping

Many erotic underwear designers have begun to use two bands to strengthen their support and shaping effects on the chest.The main band of one back and the other are around the chest.

Three straps: increase the three -dimensional sense

For some sexy underwear designs, three bands are a more common choice.One main belt is located on the back, and the other two pass through the chest in front to increase the layered and three -dimensional sense of underwear.

Four belts: unique fashion sense

Some high -end sexy underwear design sometimes uses four bands to highlight the sense of fashion. Of course, this is also a visual decorative effect.Two backs of the back, two edges bands around the chest.

Five roots: waistline reinforcement

Special design to control the waistline’s sexy underwear sometimes uses five bands.One main belt passes through the back, two straps pass through the chest, and the other two straps are around the waist line from the back.

Six roots: more three -dimensional shape

In some high -end sexy underwear design, six bands are often used to increase the three -dimensional and shaped effects of underwear.In addition to the two main bands on the back, there are two straps passing through the chest, and the two straps are surrounded by the back to the waistline.

Seven roots: Customized needs

The sexy underwear with seven bands is often the result of high -level custom or specific needs.Such a design is usually customized, tailor -made for personal physical characteristics, and then design the strap according to personal preference.

Eight roots: perfect body

For some women who pay special attention to the beauty, the eight -stranded sexy underwear is a good choice.The eight straps are surrounded by the chest and waistline, providing more perfect support and shaping effects.

Ten straps: the ultimate choice

Ten bands of sexy underwear are considered to be the ultimate choice, and they provide the highest level of support and shaping effects.The two main bands passed through the back, the three straps passed through the chest, and the other five ringled from the back to the waist line.

Regardless of the number of bands, the purpose of sexy underwear is to increase the charm of women.When you choose, you need to consider the shape, fabric and wearing nature to ensure that the sexy underwear you choose can truly play its charm.

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