Sex underwear number ranking

Sex underwear is a kind of clothing designed specifically for enhanced sexual life.These sexy underwear is often marked or called the number, and the number of different sexy underwear has different significance and ranking.This article will be ranked according to the number of sexy underwear to help you quickly understand the characteristics of each sexy underwear and the level of its belonging.

Different from the meaning of sexy underwear numbers

Before understanding the specific ranking of love underwear, we need to understand the meaning and explanation of the number of love underwear.In sexy underwear, there are different numbers. Some sexy underwear marked the model, some marked the brand, and some marked the production batch number of the production manufacturer.In accordance with the number number, we usually refer to the material, style, and quality of sexy underwear, so as to overall evaluation of the quality and grade of sexy underwear.

The ranking of the first -level sex lingerie

The first -level erotic underwear is Sven, subtle, and highly covered with sexy underwear. It has a strong nature and is comfortable and gentle.The number of top-ranking in the first-level erotic underwear includes X-AY-456, X-ZY-888, K-88 and so on.These sexy lingerie styles are beautiful and high -quality, suitable for various occasions and atmospheres, and bring excellent touch.

The ranking of the secondary sex lingerie

Compared with the first -level erotic underwear, the two -level sexy lingerie style is more open and bold, and the nature is more obvious.The second -level erotic underwear includes a variety of bras, silk trousers, sexy bikini, etc., which is a very tempting sexy underwear.The first-ranking number in the secondary sex lingerie includes Y-BB-235, B-02, L775, etc. These sexy underwear are beautiful and quality, suitable for various occasions and atmospheres, and have a strong touch.

The ranking of the third -level sex lingerie

Three -level erotic underwear is designed for more bold and fierce sex.These erotic underwear have stronger properties and irritating, suitable for couples or individuals who love open sex.The top-ranking number in the third-level sex lingerie includes B08D-34, X-YY-301, D-C-98, etc. These fun underwear styles are unique, quality, etc., are very obvious in nature, and are suitable for various occasions and atmosphere.

Fourth -level erotic underwear ranking ranking

Fourth -level sexy underwear is the most challenging type of sexy underwear. These sexy underwear is always designed to be incredible and more challenging and fierce.The first-ranking number in the fourth-level sex lingerie includes M-K-740, SSJHA-874, NAK-05, etc. These erotic underwear are sophisticated, with novel styles and the most obvious nature, suitable for those who love exciting couples or individuals.


Through the classification and ranking of sexy underwear, we find that different levels of sexy underwear have great differences and differences in terms of style, nature and quality.When people buy sexy underwear, they can choose different levels of sexy underwear according to their own needs and preferences.At the same time, when buying sexy underwear, we also need to pay attention to the quality and brand of sexy underwear in order to find a better experience.

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