Sex underwear open file trial

Sex underwear open file trial

1. The definition of sexy underwear open files

Falling underwear usually refers to those sexy and high degree of exposure.The opening of the file is a trial penetration on the sexy underwear with obvious nakedness/open crotch design in the lower body position.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of the opening file trial

Advantages: It has a positive role in promoting couple’s feelings; disadvantages: Too exposure may have adverse effects on women’s private hygiene.

3. Types of opening and sexy underwear

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There are three types: open -end, direct bottom exposed, and bottomless pants.

4. Features of split -style sexy underwear

The crotch has a split design from the front to the back or back to the front, and the two sides are separated. Compared with the design of the crotchless design, it is suitable for women who have just started to try to open underwear.

5. The characteristics of the naked sexy underwear directly at the bottom

The internal tailoring is relatively small, and it is used directly through the penis, labia, and anal position. It is more exposed in a naked state.

6. The characteristics of bottomless pants sexy underwear

It refers to the erotic underwear without pants or other covers. It is more sexy and more exposed, but the corresponding sanitation requirements are higher.

7. How to choose the right open -file sexy underwear

First of all, pay attention to your body and comfort. Secondly, you can choose the parts of the other half of the heart as the design characteristics.But the most important thing is to respect the minds of yourself and the other person, and don’t force yourself or others.

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8. Preparation before the opening of the file

Be sure to ensure personal hygiene. You can clean your own private parts before trying it on, and put on clean underwear. At the same time, pay attention to the disinfection and cleaning of sexy underwear.

9. Details you need to pay attention to when you start on the file

It can be used with beauty and beauty care methods such as high heels. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to safety measures and protection measures in actual behavior. Do not indulge your desires too much and respect each other’s own choice.

10. Conclusion

The opening of the file is a very special experience, which can not only increase the taste and passion between couples, but also satisfy their desires to a certain extent.However, in the process, we must pay attention to hygiene and self -protection, while respecting each other’s independent choices.