Sexual Emotional Lingerie Storage

Sexual Emotional Lingerie Storage

Classification before storage

Before sorting out the storage, we must first classify the sexual and emotional lingerie, which can be classified according to color, material, type, etc., which helps to sort out the targetedness of the storage.

Choose the right storage box

It is recommended to choose a transparent storage box, which can not only facilitate the style and quantity of the underwear, but also effectively protect the material and quality of the underwear.

Appropriate amount of compression storage

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For sexual and sexy underwear with thinner materials, you can choose some appropriately compressed storage bags, which can effectively reduce the storage space and make it more convenient to organize.

Use wardrobe space

Sutra the storage boxes in different partitions of the wardrobe can maximize the use of the space of the wardrobe and make the entire wardrobe more orderly and beautiful.

Place a dehumidarian bag

In order to protect the storage of sexual emotional and interesting underwear, placing desiccants or dehumidifying bags in each storage box can effectively reduce the damage of the moisture to the underwear material.

Place clean and neat

The organic sexuality of the sexual relationship should be cleaned and neat. It is recommended to place them one by one according to the color or type, which is both beautiful and easy to use.

Pay attention to avoid squeezing deformation

When organizing storage, pay attention to avoid squeezing and deformation of the underwear. For underwear with steel rings and filling, you can choose to store it separately.

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Avoid sunlight exposure

Avoid sunlight during the storage process. Long -term exposure will make the color of sexy underwear fade, and it will even deform and harden in severe cases.

Regular inspection and replacement

Although sexual and emotional underwear is good, it can not stand long-term use and friction. It is recommended to check and replace the storage underwear every 3-6 months to effectively protect the health and service life of underwear.

Personal style does not affect storage

Maintaining personal personality and style does not affect the storage of sexy lingerie. As long as it can protect underwear and convenient use, it is the best way to storage.

Point of view

The storage of sexual feelings not only reflects your storage ability, but it is also directly related to the life and beauty of the underwear.Everyone must have a clean and orderly wardrobe. Only in this way can life be better.