Sexual lingerie four seasons set diagram

Sexual lingerie four seasons set diagram


Interest underwear is a unique underwear fashion. It is continuously innovated and developed, forming a variety of styles.The four seasons set is a kind of sexy underwear. It is favored by many consumers in accordance with the characteristics of different seasons.

Spring set

The weather is getting warmer in spring, and women can choose light sexy underwear, such as lace lace -style bra and sexy lace pants.This sexy underwear is not only breathable, but also uniquely charm. They combine women’s sexy and elegant with elegance.

Summer set

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The focus of underwear in summer is to be cool. You can choose air -breathable fabrics, such as tulle, transparent nets, etc., which can make your body breathable and dry.The summer models of the four seasons include popular back -back bras and lace transparent pants, which can highlight the curve of women’s figure.

Autumn set

The autumn temperature gradually decreases, but the sexy lingerie still needs to be fashionable and sexy. With the four seasons of autumn, thick velvet or loose and comfortable underwear is a good choice.Women can also choose homewear underwear with loose color, soft texture, and comfortable body.

Winter set

In winter, the temperature is lower. If you want to keep warm and sexy, you can choose underwear made of thick materials such as velvet fiber or plush. These underwear are both warm and different.Colors will also be more biased towards dark tones, such as black, dark red and other sexy underwear.

Adult sex set

Adult love sets are suitable for those who want to enrich their sexual life.This sex set usually contains adult toys, sexy underwear and other related products.Adult sexual sex sets usually have more bold colors and designs, including lace, leather, chain and so on.

European and American style set

European and American style suits are usually bold and sexy. They are loved by many European and American people.Perspective and hollow design are the characteristics of European and American style sets. It can fully display the sexy sex of women.

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White sex set

The white sex set is usually pure and elegant, suitable for women who are eager to be admired and protected.There is not much modification of white sex underwear, with simplicity.In addition, the white sex set is often used to take wedding photos, which is very suitable for women who want to maintain pure and elegant.

Black -colored sex set

Black love set is usually considered a symbol of fashion and sexy.Black sexy underwear can present women’s silhouettes, which is more attractive than naked body.Many lively women will wear black sexy underwear with vivid contrasting colors, which can make the color more bright and bright.

Pink sex set

Pink is the representative color of girls and femininity, and pink sexy underwear is also cute and sexy.Pink sex set is often used in family sex clothing, sex lingerie and other occasions.It is suitable for women who want to maintain sweet, youthful and soft image.


The four seasons set is a very practical sexy underwear, which can provide outstanding comfort and sexy charm.Adapt to the characteristics of different seasons for women’s choices, and each sexy underwear also has its own unique characteristics, especially their purpose and positioning, which can meet the needs of different women and create a more sexy charm.