Sexy underwear insert you 3p 3p

Sexy underwear insert you 3p 3p

Hi!Today I will recommend some sexy underwear to you, they are designed for 3P.Before understanding these sexy underwear, let’s find out what is 3P.3P is a kind of sexual behavior performed by the three at the same time. Of course, this is not suitable for everyone. It requires mutual trust and respect between participants.There is also some practical sexy underwear to increase fun.

1. OH LA LA Cheri tulle erotic body socks

This tulle is produced by the OH LA LA CHERI brand and is one of the first choice for 3P’s preparation of erotic underwear.The design of conjoined socks can make your body exposed, so that other participants are easily inserted.This sexy underwear has different sizes to choose from, suitable for people with various figures.

2. DARK DREAMS Transparent Stockings

The Dark Dreams brand’s transparent stockings can help 3P participants to increase the sense of tightness.The elasticity and softness of this stockings are very good, and thin as cicadas can make people feel very comfortable.The transparent appearance also allows participants to better appreciate each other’s body and make this process more excited.

Plus Rhinestone Fishnet Bodystocking – P81180

3. Coquette leather sexy underwear

If you want some more domineering sexy underwear to increase sexual interest, the leather sex underwear of the Coquette brand will be a good choice.This underwear is made of leather, which can increase the fun of 3P through binding and locking design.The designer added some metal products to this underwear, adding changes and passion in 3P.

4. stockings

Nothing can increase the sexual interest of 3P than a pair of beautiful stockings.Here is a simple Nude stockings. The transparent material and uniform color tone are very resistant.This stockings can be used with other erotic underwear, or used alone, making the process of 3P more interesting.

5. yandy striped stock socks

3P requires some unusual elements to increase joy, and the striped stocks of the Yandy brand are a great choice.These socks are highly transparent, allowing the audience to clearly see what is under your skin.The striped pattern looks very sexy and can increase the more emotional feeling in 3P.

6. OH la la cheri transparent bra

The transparent bras of the OH La La Cheri brand are designed for 3P.This bra has two frameworks, and each frame has some vertical support structures to help you show your body better.This sexy underwear has good support and elasticity, which can make 3P participants more confident and relaxed.

7. Silk maid suit


If you want to add some new elements to 3P, then the silk maid suit will be a good choice.This sexy underwear includes a short skirt and a detachable chef hat, making you look more cute.Silk material can make your body feel softer and comfortable.

8. Tempting armor suite

If you want some more brave and violent 3P sex underwear, then this temptation armor suite will be very suitable for you.This set is made of vinyl and leather, which is very unique.This set of fun underwear is suitable for any brave women, adding enthusiasm and impulse to 3P.

9. Maison Close beautiful gauze skirt

The beautiful gauze skirt of the Maison Close brand is a very charming sexy underwear, suitable for women who participate in 3P.The material of this skirt is very soft, made of a thin layer, a bit of transparent material.This underwear can increase the romantic and feminine taste in 3P.

10. Type Kimono

This tulle Kimono is another sexy underwear that increases 3P quality.The design of this sexy underwear is very simple, but it is also very effective.This clothing is usually made of a very thin yarn.In the process of 3P, you can put it on it to increase the temperament and style of the overall atmosphere.

Sex is a beautiful and sacred activity that needs respect and trust of each other.Using sexy underwear can increase the fun and freshness of this activity.Understanding these erotic underwear can help you better choose your own underwear and make the time of 3P full of sex.