Sexy underwear orders

Sexy underwear orders

Grasp the market demand, choose the suitable sexy underwear type

Before starting the order, we must first understand market demand.Market demand in different countries and regions is different. It is very important to choose suitable sexy underwear according to market demand.You can obtain information by observing sales data, understanding local traditional culture, and online survey, and formulating a detailed list of product.

Determine the appropriate size and color

Customers from different regions have large differences in body shape, height, preferences, etc. Therefore, in order to reduce problems such as inappropriate sizes or inadequate colors, we need to provide several types of size and color styles to meet the needs of different customersEssence

Innovative design to create personalized products

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There are many types and styles of sexy underwear in the market. How to create unique products?Through innovative design, fresh ideas such as avant -garde elements, different materials, and unique patterns can be introduced to provide customers with more personalized options.

Ensure the comfort and quality of the material

A good sexy underwear must not only have aesthetics, but also breathable and comfortable.It is recommended to use high -quality fabrics, which can not only maintain softness, but also improve the breathability of the clothes, and give the wearer comfortable.

Ensure the durability of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is easily worn during penetration, and long -term dressing and cleaning accelerate the aging of the fabric, so ensure the durability of sexy underwear.The use of thick lining materials in production will make sexy underwear more lasting.

Comparison style, make models

In order to ensure consistent product quality, we can make models for each style to facilitate the factory to make mild patterns and sizes.At the same time, detailed plans can be formulated to arrange quality inspectors to detect the quality of the product to ensure that the quality of all products meets the standards.

International logistics

For overseas consignees, logistics problems must be considered.Provide fast and secure logistics services to ensure that the shopping process of each customer is happy, and the speed of logistics has also brought a decisive contribution to the improvement of the customer experience.


Good customer service

Good customer service can increase sales and maintain customer loyalty.We should provide a variety of channels of contact information in order to solve problems and support at any time, and establish an honest and trustworthy cooperative relationship.

Establish cooperation with operators

Finding suitable operators and wholesalers can help us better broaden the market and sell our products.Establishing long -term cooperative relationships with operators can obtain more favorable entry prices and higher distribution prices, thereby promoting the increase in sales.


In short, for those who want to intervene in the market of sexy underwear products, they must start from the needs of customers as much as possible, do a market survey, and clearly choose suitable product types.At the same time, we must work hard in designing, quality, customer service, and operator selection, which can lay a solid foundation for our sales growth.