Sexy underwear production No. 1 Town

Sexy underwear production No. 1 Town

Introduction to the first town of sexy underwear production

If you are a sexy underwear fan, you must have heard of Songjiang.Songjiang is a district located in Shanghai, China, and is known as the world’s largest sexy underwear production base.

Beautiful environment and rich resources

Songjiang is located on the outskirts of Shanghai, near Songjiang River.The environment here is beautiful and rich in resources.It also has a complete transportation network to facilitate the transportation of raw materials and goods. These are necessary conditions for developing the sexy underwear industry.

Manufacturing process and technical strength

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Songjiang has a comprehensive manufacturing process and technical strength, such as knitting, molding, printing, etc., making Songjiang’s high -quality underwear quality, stylish style, strong diversity, and affordable price.

Excellent talent team

As a gathering place for the sex underwear industry, Songjiang has a large number of professional talents. These talents not only have professional knowledge in design, manufacturing and management, but also the ability to develop markets and innovative operations.

Market depth excavation

Songjiang’s sexy underwear industry has developed rapidly, with rich representative brands, such as "love", "the contract of peppercorns", "YAMI Angel" and so on.These brands focus on market operations and diversified promotion, and have formed a good brand reputation in the minds of consumers.

Cultural accumulation

Songjiang’s sexy underwear manufacturing has deep cultural accumulation and industry traditions.Under the influence of Songjiang’s traditional culture, Songjiang’s sexy underwear industry focuses on the cultural connotation of the product, interpreting and increasing the meaning of the brand.

Good industrial chain

In Songjiang, there is a complete sexy underwear industry chain covering many industries such as textiles, fabrics, printing, and webbing.This industry chain runs through the world, which greatly reduces the production cost of enterprises and improves product competitiveness.


Excellent brand operation

In Songjiang, some sexy underwear companies have transformed into the market of young ethnic groups in the early days, and they are aware of the importance of brand building and promotion.With the improvement of the quality of national civilization, consumers pay more attention to quality and brand, and have achieved exclusiveness through excellent brand operations.

Brand innovation

Songjiang’s sexy underwear industry has achieved results in brand innovation.Many companies have established their own brand system, continuously innovating through products, better meet the needs of different consumers, while promoting the development of industry.


In short, Songjiang is the first town of sexy underwear production and enjoys a high reputation globally.It brings together a large number of professional talents, excellent enterprises and complete industrial chains, which have jointly promoted the vigorous development of the sexy underwear industry.In recent years, with the advent of the Internet age, Songjiang’s sexy underwear industry has ushered in more opportunities and challenges.It is believed that in the future development, Songjiang’s fun underwear industry will continue to innovate, better adapt to market demand, and move towards a more prosperous tomorrow.