Sexy underwear self

Sexy underwear self

What is sexy sheet

Sexy underwear refers to a sexy underwear, which emphasizes women’s beautiful figure, sexy and gender characteristics.Interest underwear is mainly to enhance the taste and passion of sexual life, and is usually used to stimulate human sexual desire.There are many types of sexy underwear, with various styles and colors, such as lace, lace, mesh, etc., suitable for different occasions and different consumer needs.

Sex of sex underwear

Sex underwear can be divided into multiple types, as follows:

1. Drain and underwear

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The bra and underwear are the mainstream of sexy underwear.These styles are often characterized by cutting ingredients to create tempting outlines, improving chest shapes, and enhancement of chest lines.They mostly use high beams, low beams, snake patterns, thin bands, high waist and other designs to emphasize the figure of women.

2. Sexy connection

Sexy -linked sportswear is a more bold and sexy style, consisting of bra and underwear.They are suitable for sexy and interesting occasions, such as dances and nightclubs.The design of sexy physical fitness is usually very concise, with the purpose of fully revealing women’s body, guts, and guts.

3. Hanging pajamas

Dling pajamas are sexy underwear suitable for young women, and one of the mainstream styles of sexy underwear.The suspender pajamas are designed with various satin fabrics and lace, which gives people a sense of elegance.Stretch pajamas can make women’s figures more sexy.

4. Interesting leather clothes

Interesting leather clothes often appear in some sex occasions. They are a special type of sexy underwear and are often used in SM occasions.Interest leather jackets are usually made of high -quality leather. Its design style is rough and bold, can give people a strong visual impact, and can improve women’s confidence and autonomy to a certain extent.

Suggestion of sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following points to buy sexy underwear:

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1. Appropriate size

Choose sexy underwear suitable for your body as much as possible.Too small or too big sexy underwear can affect the visual effect and uncomfortable.

2. Comfortable materials

The material of sexy underwear should be comfortable and soft, not stimulating the skin, and easy to clean it, which is convenient for consumers’ daily maintenance.

3. Appropriate design

Designing suitable sexy underwear can create the best results, emphasize your body characteristics, and make you look more sexy and attractive.Therefore, when buying, choose a design suitable for your body and needs.

Falling underwear maintenance

Sex underwear needs to pay special attention to maintenance to extend its life span and avoid damage.The following are some key points:

1. Hand washing is better

Sex underwear is a personal item, and generally does not need to be cleaned frequently.If you need to clean it, it is recommended to choose hand washing to avoid washing in the washing machine.Do not use bleach with sex underwear.

2. Dry correctly

Sex underwear should be dried in a naturally dry way.Do not expose it to the sun, and do not blow dry with a hot air gun.

3. Classified storage

Different types, materials, colors, and styles of sexy underwear should be categorized according to different properties to avoid too close and stacked to avoid squeezing and deformation.

How to wear sex underwear

The following is some precautions when wearing sexy underwear:

1. Keep cleaning

Before wearing sexy underwear, ensure that it is clean and hygienic to avoid bringing any health problems to yourself.

2. Select according to the occasion

When choosing to wear sexy underwear, choose different styles according to different occasions to avoid the unwavering situation of wearing inappropriate sexy underwear.


Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern human life. It can stimulate human sexual desire and improve the quality of sexual life. However, we also need to pay attention to our own hygiene and maintenance to protect our privacy and health rights.Therefore, when choosing and wearing sexy underwear, you need to consider various factors in various aspects.