Sexy underwear stockings hot dance

Interest underwear and stockings

The combination of sexy underwear and stockings is a sexy and elegant representative.If you want to increase your sexy charm, don’t forget to match a pair of sexy stockings when choosing a sexy underwear.

Stockings of all kinds of sexy underwear

Different types of erotic underwear require different stockings.For example, if you choose a lace chain underwear, you can match exquisite lace stockings.If you choose a sling vest underwear, you can choose a large grid of fish net stockings to match.

Color matching skills

Color matching is also very important.Generally speaking, sexy underwear and stockings in the same color system are more coordinated and beautiful.For example, black sexy underwear with black stockings, red love underwear with red stockings and so on.

Temperament effect

Sexy temperament is critical. When choosing sexy underwear and stockings, you need to consider your own temperament type.For example, women who are sexy and charming temperament can choose wild stockings such as leopard and patterns, and elegant women can choose simple black lace stockings to match.

The material of underwear and stockings should be matched

The material of underwear and stockings also needs to be matched. For example, cotton underwear is not coordinated with lace stockings.Silk and lace underwear can be paired with delicate stockings, which is better.

Matching of needs in different occasions

Interesting underwear and stockings in different occasions also need to be different.For example, if you are going to participate in the party soon, you can choose to wear high heels and sexy fish net stockings.

How to choose body type limit

Frankly speaking, everyone’s body type will have the most suitable match.If you are thin, you can choose dark sexy underwear and stockings. If you are fat, you can choose underwear and stockings with similar colors.

Other matching comments

When choosing sexy underwear and stockings, you can also choose according to personal interests.Some creative female friends may choose to use their favorite PVC, feathers and other materials as the choice of underwear.When matching, you can choose stockings with the same style of underwear for matching.


Sending underwear and stockings need to consider multiple factors, including the style, color, material of the underwear, the transparency, flower type, color of stockings, and so on.In addition to the final matching effect, it is necessary to meet the personal temperament and body type, but also requires certain dressing skills and personal creativity.I hope that the above tips and comments can help everyone to create a more sexy, elegant, and charming image.

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