Sexy underwear to buy things

Sexy underwear to buy things

Know your size

Before buying sexy underwear, you need to understand your body shape and size.This is very important, because the size of different brands and styles of sexy underwear may be different.To ensure that you can buy the appropriate size, you can measure the size of the body in your home, or go directly to the professional underwear store to try on.Remember, comfort is the most important.

Consider occasion and style

When buying sexy underwear, in addition to considering your body, you must also consider the occasion and style.Different erotic underwear is suitable for different occasions and style of wearing style.For example, some sexy underwear may be too sexy, only suitable for wearing in private occasions, and some can be worn in party, party, etc.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you should choose according to your own needs.

Learn about different styles of sexy underwear

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Learn that different styles of sexy underwear are also an important part of the purchase process.Common styles include bra, bra, thong, camisole, lace pantyhose, etc.Each style has its own characteristics and applicable situation, understanding these can help you choose better.

Learn about the sexy underwear of different materials

Sex underwear can be made with different materials, such as lace, silk, polyester, etc.Understanding the sexy underwear of different materials can help you choose the style and texture that is more suitable for you.In addition, it is necessary to consider the breathability and durability of sexy underwear.

Choose the color that suits you

Color is an important consideration for buying sexy underwear.Choosing the right color can make you more confident and sexy.Classic black and red are the most popular colors, but there are many other colors to choose from, such as pink, white, etc.When choosing color, you need to consider your skin tone and wear occasions.

Consider matching and matching

Interest underwear is not only a single item, but also needs to be matched with other clothing.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, it is necessary to consider matching and matching.For example, some erotic underwear needs to be matched with clothes, and some can be worn alone.In addition, the style and color of the underwear should be matched with other clothing.

Brand and price

Interest underwear brands and prices are also factors that need to be considered during the purchase process.The fun underwear of different brands can have different styles and materials, and the price will be different.You need to choose according to your own budget and needs when buying.


After -sales service

When buying sexy underwear, you also need to consider after -sales service.If the size is inappropriate or quality, you need to contact the after -sales service in time to solve it.Therefore, you can understand the after -sales service policy before buying.

Checkout and delivery

Finally, it is necessary to consider the issue of checkout and delivery.You need to choose a convenient payment method when checking out and ensure the security of payment.Delivery time and method also need to be considered in order to receive sexy underwear at the required time.


In general, buying sex underwear requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors, such as size, occasion, style and color.You need to choose according to your needs and your own conditions when buying.Not only that, after -sales service and checkout delivery also need to pay attention.Only in the case of fully understanding these issues can we choose the right sexy underwear and show their sexy and charm.